What documents are generally required to be submitted in case of death on a life insurance policy?

Beneficiaries of a life insurance policy must submit required documentation to the insurance company in order to start the process to receive the money that is owed. The type of documentation that is required to start the process may vary depending upon what insurance company the individual is insured under.

While the type of documentation may vary, there are still some very basic types of documentation that almost all insurance companies require. These types of documents include the original contract between the individual who has passed and the insurance company, a list of the beneficiaries, and a death certificate.

The original contract that outlines the policy is not always required by insurance companies, but it will make the process easier. Many insurance companies keep their policies on file, but submitting the original document will speed up the process. It can also help the agent who is working on the claim, as they can compare the original contract to what is kept on file.

A death certificate is almost always required by all insurance companies when making an insurance claim. The certificate must be from a recognized hospital or physician.

Some insurance companies may require that multiple certificates be produced. Most insurance companies will only require one certificate, but it is best to check with the original contract to see how many certificates are required.

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