Travelling from Coppell in your RV?

Are you getting out of Coppell this Spring/Summer in your RV? Here are a few tips to remember:

Take Care of Your Tires

  • Check your tire pressure before setting out on the road, while they’re still cold.
  • Never exceed the maximum tire pressure indicated on your tire sidewalls or your owner’s manual.
  • Keep tires covered to protect them from the sun and weather when you’re not traveling.

Weigh Your RV and Tow Vehicle

Find a certified platform scale and get weighed to make sure weight is properly distributed and that you are within legal weight limits. Fully load your RV with passengers, cargo, fuel, personal belongings and full fresh water and propane tanks to get an accurate weight.

Understand Propane and Gas Systems

Inspect your propane and gas systems every spring for leaks and proper appliance operating pressure. Be sure you know how your RV alerts you to leaks, and know what to do if one occurs. Here’s some easy things to do if you smell gas or propane:

  • Extinguish any open flames and pilot lights.
  • Do not touch electrical switches.
  • Shut off gas supply at the tank valve(s) or gas supply connection.
  • Open the doors and windows and leave until the smell clears.
  • Have the gas system checked and repaired by a qualified technician before using again.

Use the Onboard Generator Sparingly

The onboard generator gives you extra power when there’s no shore power available, but be wary of carbon monoxide.

  • Never sleep with the generator running, and before you start the generator inspect the exhaust system.
  • Test the carbon monoxide detector, and know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning so you can watch out for it.

Make sure your RV is covered properly. Give The Select Insurance Agency a call today and inquire about RV insurance.


Coyotes in Coppell

Have you seen any coyotes meandering about during the day in your Coppell neighborhood? We have! My son and I saw one walking in front of our house at 3 in the afternoon, just minding his own business. He turned and saw us and didn’t seem scared of us, or interested in any way. Todd followed one for a few blocks on Heartz by FUMC Coppell around noon. I looked up info about coyotes on the site, and found out that coyotes aren’t harmful to humans, as long as you don’t bother them. They typically are out at night, but sometimes are seen in the city throughout the day. They hunt small prey like bunnies and cats, so keep your little pets safe!

Ironically, my son’s soccer team is the Coyotes. Go Coyotes! Ahh-woooo!