You Can Get Great RV Insurance in Coppell, TX

There’s a lot to love about Coppell, TX, and one of those things is the opportunity to get great RV insurance. Many people who travel fulltime in their RVs call Texas home. Even if you only use your RV on a part-time basis, though, you’ll want to have good insurance on it. Whether it’s on the road or parked in your driveway, it should be covered so you don’t have to worry about financial losses if something should happen to it. You also want to make sure the insurance policy provides for adequate medical treatment if you or someone else is injured in an accident with your RV.

The state has minimum insurance requirements, but those might not be enough for your needs. Instead, you may want to consider a higher level of coverage and other kinds of coverage such as comprehensive and collision. Only you can decide if you want insurance beyond state requirements, and working with a knowledgeable insurance agent can help you make that decision. The more you know about the levels of coverage available to you and the costs for those coverage options, the better decision you can make for your finances and liability protection.

When your Coppell, TX RV insurance comes from The Select Insurance Agency, you know you’re getting insurance you can feel good about. It’s easy to get a quote, and you can find out the prices from several different companies all in one place. Then you can choose not only good insurance, but a fair price for a policy that’s going to be a good choice for you. Anytime you have questions about your policy or you need to make changes, you’ll also have someone you trust to work with, helping you keep the right insurance coverage on your RV no matter where you travel.


4 essentials you need on your boat this summer

Summer time is almost here, and that means it’s time to start preparing the family boat for the season.  In addition to preparing the boat and ensuring there are enough snacks for everyone, though, it’s important to take the time to make sure you have a few essentials to keep everyone safe.

  1. Life jackets.  In Texas, you’re required to carry a life vest on your boat for every passenger.  In addition to making sure that all of your life vests are in good condition, it’s also important to make sure you have the proper size for everyone on your boat.  If you have small children who grew over the winter, check their size.
  2. First aid kit.  A small box with some bandages and other supplies to deal with minor injuries is an essential part of being on a boat.  Your kit doesn’t have to contain a lot of fancy equipment, but you need to carry enough supplies to treat minor injuries and help with more serious ones until you reach land.
  3. Water.  While you’ll probably remember to bring drink s on the boat with you every time you go out, you should keep an emergency supply of water in a separate location on your boat.  That way if your cooler goes overboard, you’ll still have something clean to drink. 
  4. Rope.  It may seem silly to carry this if your don’t have a sail, but rope can be used for a lot of things in the event that your boat becomes stranded or simply needs to be repaired long enough to get it into dock.

If you’re thinking about buying a boat insurance policy, then call the insurance agents at The Select Insurance Agency.  Residents of Coppell, TX have used this agency for years for their boat insurance needs.