Protect Your Financial Future With Home Insurance

Your home is likely the largest investment you will make in your lifetime. As a result, it makes sense to protect it at all costs. Fortunately, purchasing home insurance from The Select Insurance Agency provides your family with multiple protections, including the following:

1. Home Insurance Protects You from Severe Weather

At The Select Insurance Agency, we can’t prevent you from going through a severe storm, but we are there for you when it’s over. Our homeowner’s insurance helps provide you with the coverage you need to rebuild or repair following damage caused by the weather. Whether you have incurred damage to the outside of your home or to a boat on your property, with the right home insurance plan, we can help you recover.

2. Home Insurance Protects You from Fires

Fires are one of the leading causes of damage to homes. A fire can start due to weather, an accident involving a grill, or by a faulty electrical system. Since fires are risks that are unknown, but ever-present, it makes sense to protect your family from a potential fire at all times. Our home insurance does that for you. With the right home insurance, you can rest assured that if you experience a fire, we will be there to help you put out the flames.

3. Home Insurance Protect You from Liabilities

If you don’t know, it’s important to realize that you are responsible for individuals who visit your home. Guests how are injured on your property can sue you. If you are found negligent, then you could be forced to pay a hefty settlement to the person visiting your home. Fortunately, with home insurance, you have coverage for liabilities that happen on your property. Instead of you absorbing all the financial consequences that result from a slip and fall, we are here to help.

At The Select Insurance Agency, insurance is our business, and we like enjoy it. If you own a home, or you are about to purchase a home, let us help you insure it.

3 Household Items That Can Be Recyled For Use In The Garden

Do you cringe at the thought of your household items being tossed in a landfill? There are several ways you can do your part to lessen the amount you contribute to the landfill, one of which is to reuse certain items for your garden. Reusing household items for the garden will also help you save money on some of the garden supplies you need. Here are a few suggestions for household items that can be recycled for use in the garden.

Empty Egg Cartons
Empty egg cartons are great trays for starting seeds. You can use either the plastic or the paper egg cartons, but if you use the paper ones, they can be planted directly into the ground when it’s time to transplant. When using Styrofoam cartons, make sure to poke holes in the bottom for drainage.

Vegetable Scraps
Instead of flushing scraps down the garbage disposal or in the trash can, use them for a compost pile. There are compost bins available a range of sizes, so even if you don’t have a lot of vegetable scraps, you can still make a small amount for your plants.

Old newspapers can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding them to your compost pile or shredding to use as a weed blocker. To use newspaper as a ground cover to block weeds, cut an X in the newspaper and fold it back. Place the plants in the area you cut, and fold the paper back around the plant. Top the newspaper with mulch. Newspaper can also be folded up to make small pots that can be used for starting plants, then transplanted paper and all into the ground.

These are only a few of the ways to recycle and reuse household items. Before throwing something away, simple let your creative process go to work and think about ways to recycle the item instead of throwing it away.

Spring is the time for renewing your garden and it’s also the time to think about your homeowners insurance. Residents of Coppell, TX should contact the Select Insurance Agency to review your current homeowners policy or to get information about starting a new homeowners policy.

Spring Driving Tips for Coppell and Texas Drivers

Winter may be known for treacherous driving conditions, but spring driving can present its own dangerous situations, from wind and rain to abundant wildlife waking up from hibernation. Follow these spring safe driving tips to help you prepare for spring’s driving challenges in Coppell or surrounding Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas areas.

  • Perform maintenance. Spring is the perfect time to visit your mechanic. Check fluid levels, tire pressure, suspension system and brakes to help reduce risk of a breakdown.
  • Watch for pedestrians. When weather improves, expect more pedestrians, especially in residential, shopping and recreational areas.
  • Expect construction. Slow down and be aware of road and traffic conditions when entering work zones.
  • Anticipate motorcyclists. Motorcycle season starts in spring. Watch for motorcycles at intersections and in your blind spots when passing or merging.
  • Share the road. Be prepared to share the road with bicyclists. They have the same rights as other vehicles on most roads.
  • Prepare for stormy weather. Learn more about driving in spring storms like tornadoes, flash flooding and hail that threaten your area.
  • Know when to seek shelter. Spring weather can be unpredictable. If caught in a severe storm that makes driving hazardous, find a safe place to park until weather conditions improve.
  • Expect more animals. Spring brings more activity in areas where wildlife is common. Slow down so you can stop safely if animals are on our near the roadway.
  • Travel safely. If traveling long distances during, plan ahead to avoid late-night driving and take turns behind the wheel with a fellow passenger.