Are Policy Increases Inevitable In Flower Mound?

Flower Mound, Texas is a small suburb outside of the Dallas metropolitan area. It is very affluent and the homes can be very large. Additionally, home values tend to be higher than throughout the state on average. There are various things nearby, including an entertainment metroplex as well as several ballparks.

When you are looking at the cost of your homeowners insurance, you may notice a policy increase from time to time. This is usually on an annual basis. It’s easy to say that increases are going to be inevitable, but this is not always the case.

There are rules in place that prevent an insurance company from simply increasing the price too dramatically for no reason at all. The reason for an increase may be as a result of cost of living, the value of your home going up, or various natural disasters that have occurred in the area recently that resulted in multiple claims being filed.

Regardless of why you are experiencing a policy increase on your homeowner’s insurance, you can explore a more affordable option. This is done by contacting other insurance companies for a quote.

Instead of doing all of the work on your own, you can work with our independent agents. We work with multiple companies throughout Texas and will get quotes from all of them. This can be with the same coverage you have now or we can explore ways of adding more coverage to provide more overall protection on your home in Flower Mound.

As we get quotes, we will look at home improvements and discounts that can result in reducing the cost of your premium.

Any time that there is an increase, you can look at other companies to see if there is a more affordable option – and our agents can help.

The Importance of Adequate Liability Coverage

Looking at Grapevine, Texas today, it’s hard to imagine it was once touted as “The Cantaloupe Capital of the World”. The development of our area has been nothing short of amazing. The Grapevine Mall, mega-hotels, and the revived historic downtown district are all part of the mix. Let’s not forget with all this commerce there are over 18,000 households in the city.

As home prices increase, it’s important that your homeowners insurance keeps up with that growth. That includes your liability coverage. Your liability coverage is what protects you in the event of a personal injury claim. These types of claims can occur at almost any time.

Personal injury claims can come from a neighbor, a friend, relative or a delivery person. They can result from the most innocent of circumstances. A random rock under the lawnmower, a loose rug in the hallway, or a cracked cement walkway can all lead to a personal injury claim against you.

People purchase liability insurance to protect themselves and the things they have worked so hard to obtain. If the coverage is inadequate however, it will not accomplish its goal. Let us review your homeowners insurance to make sure you have the coverage you need.

We are independent agents who can review coverage from multiple companies. We can offer alternatives that captive agencies cannot. This may not only improve your coverage, it may save you money. We invite you to compare. Visit our website and get a comparative quote for both your homeowners and auto insurance. If you live in or near the 76051 zip code, we would be pleased to serve you. Contact us today and make sure you and your property are appropriately protected.