Prepare for Winter Driving in Dallas/Ft. Worth and North Texas

Here are some tips for driving this Winter…

  • Have a mechanic check your car’s battery, brakes, fluid levels (antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and oil), as well as the heating and exhaust systems to ensure that your car is in good, safe working condition.
  • Try to keep your gas tank full during the winter months. Don’t allow the gas to go below half a tank. Not only will this prevent damage from freezing, you’ll avoid running out of gas if you’re stuck in a traffic jam during the dead of winter.
  • Install snow tires or all-weather radials with adequate treads.
  • An adequate supply of windshield washing liquid is critical to wash away the mud and melted snow that can severely limit visibility.
  • Prepare for an emergency. Keep blankets, flares, a sack of sand for traction, shovel, windshield scraper and brush, tool kit, towrope, booster cables and a flashlight with extra batteries in your trunk. You should also stock your car with material for survival, such as waterproof matches to melt snow for drinking water, a first aid kit, dry clothing and a brightly colored cloth (to tie to the antenna).

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What Are Some Practical Things I Can Do to Lower the Cost of Homeowners Insurance?

If you are a living in Coppell, or anywhere else in Texas and are looking for ways to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance policy, there are some simple, but very important things to consider before actually purchasing a plan. You want to be sure you get all the coverage you need without paying for things you don’t need .

Understanding the Types of Coverage There are two types of insurance that homeowners in Texas can purchase for their homes. Named Perils will only provide coverage for the specific perils named in the plan. This type of plan typically covers things such as fire, lightening, windstorm damage, hail, hurricane damage, smoke, or damage from vehicles. It probably won’t cover damage incurred from a leaky roof, broken pipe, flooding or that sort of thing. Named Perils plans usually only cover the actual amount of the damages, minus a certain percentage for depreciation. You can choose to bolster your plan by adding total replacement coverage, and although the premium is considerably higher, that type of coverage will pay to rebuild your home, as well as debris removal and incidental costs. All Perils is a more comprehensive type of plan that will cover everything except things that are specifically excluded. This type of insurance covers complete replacement for damaged and/or destroyed property. This type of policy is typically more expensive, but you also get much more protection for your premiums. Bundle Your Policies One simple way to lower the premiums of your homeowners plan (and your other insurance plans as well,) is by purchasing all of your policies from the same provider. Most insurance companies will give consumers a discounted price for purchasing a "bundle" as opposed to going with separate providers for different types of policies. Other Discount Incentives Some insurance companies will give homeowners a discount for taking measures to ensure the safety of their homes. That would include installing a security system, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and installing a roof that is made of impact-resistant materials. Other Factors Other factors that may impact the cost of a policy include the amount of the deductible, how the house and roof are constructed, the age of the home, and where it is located. The higher the deductible, the lower the cost of your premiums will be. The age and overall construction of the house are things to consider when purchasing the home. Shop around to see what different companies offer. Know, too, that cheap isn’t always better. You want to get a good price for your policy, but you also want to be assured of getting the coverage you need. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has useful information for each state. A Coppell independent agent can also help you find the homeowners insurance policy that best suits your needs.

What should I look for when purchasing umbrella insurance in Coppell, TX?

Having the right type and right amount of insurance really can make a difference in anyone’s life. You buy policies to cover your car, home and life. For many people who own a home or have other assets they want to protect, buying umbrella insurance can be the smart thing to do.

Coppell, Texas residents can reduce their liability risk against large judgments in personal injury lawsuits by buying a very affordable umbrella policy that extends the limits on a home or auto insurance policy. Typically, you can get several million dollars of coverage for only a few hundred dollars. An independent agent can help you find the most affordable policy.

Umbrella policies are sold in one million dollar increments and are stacked on top of your other coverage. For instance, if you have a million dollar umbrella policy and a hundred thousand dollar auto insurance policy, your Coppell auto policy will pay out on claims up to its maximum $100,000 limit. That may be sufficient for most accidents, but not all.

If, you are found responsible for an accident where someone is severely injured, you could wind up being held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages above the $100,000 auto coverage. Other judgments, such as slandering the reputation of a professional or being on the wrong end of a business deal, can result in massive jury awards.

Most Coppell, Texas umbrella insurance policies come with a deductible. That should not discourage you from buying this type of valuable protection. Even if your deductible is $2,500, you are still protected against a million, or maybe more, dollars of liability.

It makes sense and will give you peace of mind to have the extra coverage of an umbrella insurance policy. For further information, contact a Coppell, Texas independent agent.

Tips for Your Home When Winter Weather Hits Coppell and North TX

Keep the house warm.  The temperature in your house should be at least 65 degrees. The temperature inside the walls where the pipes are located is substantially colder than the walls themselves. Temperatures lower than 65 degrees will not keep the pipes from freezing.

Check heating systems.  The proper use and maintenance of furnaces, fireplaces and wood-burning stoves can prevent fire and smoke damage. Have furnaces, boilers and chimneys serviced at least once a year. Make sure that smoke and fire alarms are working properly and consider installing a carbon monoxide detector.

Holiday Help in Coppell, TX

Here are some ways we can all help out in our community this holiday season:

Make a Child Smile, benefitting Coppell children by providing gifts for families who need extra help. Choose your paper ornament at Town Center now through Dec. 7.

Holiday Food Drive, benefitting area food pantries. Now through Jan. 2, leave non-perishable items in the drop box at Town Center or the Coppell Public Library.

What are the Benefits of being part of AARP in Texas?

Just before Texas residents turn 50, they start receiving offers in the mail to join AARP. The politically powerful and influential advocacy group for seniors, provides a host of benefits for members. There is a small annual fee to become a member.

AARP provides access to insurance products at favorable rates. You can purchase health, homeowners or auto insurance through a preferred AARP provider. In addition to great deals on insurance, members also receive discounts on travel, phone plans and a number of other services and products.

As a national organization, AARP is a powerful group that represents the best interests of its membership in Washington D.C. and is also involved in state and local issues that affect our older population. Medicare and Social Security are always important issues. When new legislation is introduced, threatening to reduce Medicare coverage, this group is there to stand up and object. When the government says there is no inflation and does not give seniors a cost of living (COLA) raise on their monthly Social Security checks, guess who investigates the matter.

Other extras for Texas seniors that come with membership include human interest stories and coverage of the things that are an everyday part of the senior lifestyle. A monthly magazine covers topics such as consumer protection, caring for aging parents and even gardening.

AARP is also involved in Texas communities. They hold informative seminars, conduct driver safety courses and hold different events throughout the year. Individuals can access the organization online or, if they have questions can call and talk to someone on the phone.

If you are not yet eligible to join the AARP and need insurance coverage at an affordable rate, your best bet is to seek the help of an independent agent. Whether you live in Houston, Dallas or Coppell, Texas, you can get the right policy at the right price by visiting your local insurance agent.

What Insurance Discounts are Available in Coppell, TX and How do you Qualify for them?

Insurance discounts can quickly chip away at premiums for a policy. Yet, no two companies offer the same selection of premiums – and certainly not at the same rates.

Some of the more common insurance discounts are easily identifiable to those in Coppell, Texas. Take the following, for instance:

  • Safety: Security systems on homes and cars are commonly eligible for a discount. Your homeowners or renters insurance policy could reflect fire extinguishers and deadbolts in addition to a security system.
  • Driving Record: This is a powerful factor when it comes to your car insurance premiums. Some companies will offer a specific discount for having no claims within a period of time.
  • Associations: Are you a teacher, federal employee, or in the military? Several associations and memberships give way to insurance discounts.
  • Bundling: Often the most powerful discount available, bundling refers to purchasing more than one policy with a single company.

While there are plenty of general and common insurance discounts, it really depends on the company. When you are looking at a policy from a company, you will want to see how you quality – or could qualify, in some cases – for a specific discount.

Consider speaking to an independent agent to discuss this topic. The agent will be able to help you compare not only insurance policies, but the companies themselves – and their discounts. As independent agents work with multiple companies, you can get a good picture of available discounts and you can receive plenty of quotes to make a good choice.

Discounts are a major area for insurance policies. It is conceivable that a more expensive insurance policy could be the best option, once the discounts are figured. Speak to your agent to get the details, and for overall help in this process.