I want to change my auto insurance coverage. When can I make changes to my policy in Coppell, TX?

Many people sign up for auto insurance policies that span a lengthy period of time – typically six months or a year. While many times that insurance policy provides adequate coverage for the entire year, sometimes it does not.

Insurance providers understand that circumstances may cause you to need to make changes to your existing auto insurance policy. That is why most auto insurance providers offer customers the opportunity to make changes to their existing policy at any point in time. When you make changes to your policy, there might be a slight increase or decrease in the amount of money you pay each month.

Insurance customers who wish to make changes to their policy must notify their insurance provider. Notification can be done in person at one of the offices, online, or by phone.

When you are making changes to your existing auto insurance policy, you will have two options – the ability to make the changes effective immediately or to schedule a date when the changes will go into effect. The option that is chosen will depend upon what changes you are making and when you will need the reduced/increased coverage.

Determining when you need to make changes to your existing policy, how to make the changes, and when to make the changes effective can be difficult. We, working as your independent agent, can help you navigate the complex world of auto insurance.

We offer you the opportunity to shop and compare auto insurance quotes for companies that provide coverage in Coppell, Texas. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation. We can help you determine if your unique situation calls for you to make a change to your existing auto insurance policy.

I have a property Coppell, TX that is not in use, should it be insured?

Even if your property in Coppell, Texas is not in use, you should have it covered by insurance. Although homeowners often have property that they do not use on a daily basis, such as storage shed on another piece of land or a family cottage on the lake they haven’t used in years, you should still have insurance on the property. When property is left abandoned for any length of time, there is more chance for theft, vandalism, or other types of disasters. An independent agent in Coppell can help you determine exactly how much home insurance you need.

Although you do not need to be covered with a large amount of protection for a piece of property you are not using, think about what would happen if the property were destroyed. Whatever the value of the structure and any possessions left inside, if not insured, you would take a loss. You need to speak with an independent agent in Texas about they type of insurance you need. There are affordable policies that will give you basic protection without breaking the bank.

Homeowners need to think about the insurance they currently have for both their primary residence and property they are not currently using. Our independent agent can help you compare quotes to find a rate that will fit in your budget and give you enough coverage to make sure you do not lose money if there is a loss due to theft, vandalism, fire, or another disaster. You will want to have protection for both the structure and the possessions. If the unused property is a family cottage, there may be antiques or other items that need to be insured. Let us help you get started today.

Spring in Coppell…Time to Plan in Case of a Natural Disaster

Springtime in Coppell hopefully brings rain and new growth. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of storms and possibly a disaster. The time to plan for such an event is now. Here are a few things you should do to be prepared if a disaster hits Coppell, Lewisville, Carrollton or other nearby surrounding areas:

Review your insurance policy to be sure you have sufficient coverage.

Create a safety plan for your family which should include an evacuation plan that tells everyone where to go and how to keep in touch during an emergency.

If you own a business, write a business continuity plan that outlines what you will do and who you can call on to keep your business running in the event of a disaster.

Build a content inventory to document the items in your home or at your business.

Prepare a survival kit of things you might need if disaster strikes.

Perform routine maintenance such as tree-trimming, gutter cleaning and debris removal around your home or office building. Make sure drains and sump pumps are clear.

Be ready before the storm hits!

Will My Homeowner Insurance Policy Give Me Any Coverage for My RV in Coppell, TX?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover some of the losses for your RV in Coppell, Texas. Although you will also need specific RV insurance, your homeowner’s policy should cover some of the home accessories you have in the RV. Items such as your laptop or IPad would probably be covered by your homeowner’s policy. If the built-in refrigerator is damaged, your RV insurance would need to cover that type of claim. Speaking with an independent agent will help you understand how much and what type of insurance coverage you need.

Often people who own an RV in Texas do not completely understand their policy. There are specific items RV insurance covers and you will want to find out what your homeowners plan will cover so you are not paying for double protection. Most home items should be covered by the home plan. This usually includes the items you bring from home when you take the RV out on the road. You will want to speak with our independent agent to make sure you have enough insurance to replace the home accessories that might be lost or stolen when traveling in the RV.

It is best to compare rates and quotes for homeowners and RV insurance in Texas. An independent agent can do this for you and find a great plan that will fit both your budget and your coverage needs. If you have questions about what your plan will and will not cover, our agent can help answer these questions and give you and your family peace of mind. Before taking the RV out on the open road again, check on your insurance coverage and make sure you have protection for all types of losses.

I’m 75 years old. Is it too late to buy life insurance in Coppell, TX?

A common question asked by many senior citizens is – Is it too late to purchase a life insurance policy? The answer to that question really depends upon the age of the individual and what type of life insurance policy is being purchased.

Life insurance policies provide individuals with a sense of security by guaranteeing that loved ones are covered financially in the event of a death. These policies guarantee that certain named beneficiaries will be given financial compensation upon the death of the individual who is listed on the policy. This financial compensation can be used to pay for funeral expenses, legal fees, and bills that may arise after an individual has passed.

Unfortunately, the older an individual is the ‘higher risk’ they are for insurance companies when it comes to life insurance policies. Many insurers do not want to take on that type of risk, so they place an age cap on individuals who can purchase life insurance policies. That age cap is typically 75 year sold, but can sometimes go up to 78 or 80 years old.

If you have reached that age cap, it does not mean that you are automatically prevented from purchasing any and all life insurance policies. There are still some insurance companies that will offer coverage to individuals who are over the age of 75.

It is important to note that even if you have found an insurance company that offers life insurance to you after 75, the premiums may be higher than if you had purchased the policy earlier. This higher premium makes it extremely important for you to take the time to compare insurance quotes before you buy, as you will want to find the best offer available to you.

We, your independent agent, can help you find and compare quotes from insurance companies that may offer life insurance policies for individuals who are 75 and older, and live in Coppell, Texas.