Coppell, TX Home Insurance and Tree Removal

Just because we don’t get hurricanes up here in Coppell, TX, it doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t be worried about storms knocking down trees. Violent windstorms and thunderstorms can cause even visibly healthy trees to topple, sending branches crashing into your roof, shed, or atop your vehicle. Since most of these storms happen in the fall and winter, now is a good time to review your homeowner’s policy from The Select Insurance Agency and examine the conditions of trees on your property.

Does Home Insurance Pay for Tree Removal of Standing Trees

In most cases, home insurance policies won’t pay for the removal of trees that are still standing. Instead, as a homeowner, most insurers will consider it your responsibility to maintain your home and grounds — which includes the care and maintenance (pruning and trimming) of trees that could pose a danger to yours and your neighbor’s property. 

If you notice that a standing tree on your property is no longer producing leaves or otherwise appears to be sick, dying, or dead, then it’s a good idea to be proactive and pay for the removal of the tree. If a tree is known to be at-risk falls, you may be held liable for the damages it caused.

Does Home Insurance Pay for the Removal of Fallen Trees?

Yes, in many cases your home insurance policy will help cover the costs of tree removal for trees and large branches that have fallen on your property or that have fallen and damaged your neighbor’s property.

However, exceptions and limitations do exist. Generally, the tree must have been in otherwise good condition before the storm or similar disaster that sent it crashing. Additionally, you likely will have policy limits on each tree removal. 

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How does the other drivers option work?

The Select Insurance Agency wants you to understand the complexities of your auto insurance so you can drive the roads of Coppell, TX more safely. One thing many people do not understand that can help them is how adding other drivers to your insurance can help you lower your premiums.

You remain the primary driver on the policy. You simply add named drivers to the policy as occasional drivers of the vehicle. It is a good idea to add all of the licensed drivers in a household to the policy.

If someone would typically present a high risk to insure, such as a teen driver, they can lower their insurance rates by adding their parents as other drivers. This works for young adults, too. Those aged 26 and younger can do this to lower their insurance costs.

Conversely, parents adding a teen to their policy will raise their rates since that adds a high risk named driver. The same effect occurs if a spouse adds their spouse who has a poor driving record. Moving violations, DUI’s and an on record accident will result in higher premiums.

Adding your spouse will not negatively affect your rates if you add an experienced driver with a clean record to your policy.

You can add a driver simply by phoning your insurance agent. You will need to provide the full name and driver’s license number of the named driver. Your agent will ask a few questions and get back to you with an updated policy and premiums.

Contact The Select Insurance Agency of Coppell, TX to add a driver to your policy today.