3 Ways To Make Sure You Have The Right Auto Insurance

You have just bought a car, and you are now trying to choose the right auto insurance. There are so many insurance companies offering different types of auto insurance policies, and they come at varying costs with varying coverage. So, it is a daunting task to choose the right auto insurance. 

With a few tips below, you should end up with an excellent insurance deal. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Compare quotes

According to an executive of Coppell, TX, The Select Insurance Agency, it is necessary to compare quotes from multiple auto insurance companies before you make a choice. Compare quotes from about five insurance companies before you make a choice.

Right now, you can quickly get quotes online. You need to check the deductibles, premiums, and compare both to what the policy covers. Premium is the amount you will pay annually, while your deductible is the amount you will pay from your pocket if your car gets damaged. The challenge here is that a policy with less deductible will attract a higher premium and vice-versa. 

Maybe you should find the best balance among deductibles, premiums, and what the policy covers. If you are a mature driver and you are very careful, you may go for a policy with a lower premium and higher deductible. You know why? If an accident does not occur, you won’t need to pay any deductible.

Check the reviews of your chosen insurance company

Getting a good insurance policy is one thing, but having your claim settled is another. While some insurance companies have built a reputation for prompt payment, others usually look for a loophole in your situation to avoid paying you. 

You can check the state insurance department’s website to see the claims received by a particular insurance company and how many were settled. A low claim settlement ratio is a red flag you can’t ignore.

Review your policy from time to time

To earn some discounts on your premium, you need to review your auto insurance policy continually. For instance, driving for a certain length of time without any accident could earn you some discounts on your premium. So, keep reviewing your policy.

Conclusively, there are several other ways to get a good auto insurance deal, but the three discussed above are the most effective ones. For more information, contact Coppell, TX, The Select Insurance Agency. 

5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Start Saving Now!

Don’t wait till you decide that you want to purchase a house to begin saving. Instead, start squirreling away money every month that can not only be used for the down payment but also closing costs and an emergency fund. 

Research Mortgage Options

From conventional mortgages to FHA loans to VA loans there are a number of mortgage options available to first time home buyers each with their own pros and cons. For instance, FHA loans require down payments as little as 3.5% of the asking price, but typically have income restrictions attached. 

Determine How Much Home You Can Afford:

Whether you are in Coppell, TX or downtown Dallas, you’ll want to purchase a home that allows you to have financial flexibility. There are a number of online calculators that can help you pinpoint how much home you can afford. Don’t forget to set aside money for additional costs like insurance. At The Select Insurance Agency, we will work to get you an affordable policy. 

Choose Neighborhood Carefully!

Start by researching schools because even if you don’t plan to have children, the quality of the school district in the neighborhood helps dictate home value. Additionally, look at crime safety statistics, drive through the neighborhood and different hours and map the distance of the home to nearby places of interest like the grocery store and hospital. 

Don’t Go Overboard!

While it can be tempting to look at homes that are higher than your budget because the monthly payments are only slightly higher, avoid this pitfall. You’ll want to have money on hand for when the appliances break or the roof leaks. 

At the Select Insurance Agency, we know that the home buying process can be stressful so we want to make the homeowner insurance process as easy as possible. Give us a call or stop by our office for more information.