Tips for Filing a Home Insurance Claim

With millions of people filing for home insurance claims every year, you would think that getting reimbursed is a simple process; however, that isn’t always the case. While you may think that you’ll never need to apply for a claim, it never hurts to be prepared. 

Start by keeping an itemized list of your personal belongings that includes every item you would want or need to replace after a covered incident to include the price paid, the purchase date, and receipts if available. Having this list will have a myriad of benefits because it will allow you to quickly determine how much you’d want to replace if you had to make a claim, provide evidence to the insurance company of what you paid for the item and when, and ensure that you have enough coverage to pay for the cost of all your replacement items. 

Once a claim is initiated, you’ll be assigned an insurance adjuster that is responsible for evaluating the damage to your home or property and determining how much money you’ll receive as reimbursement. Keep in mind that the adjuster works for the insurance company and is professionally motivated to lower the potential monetary payout. As a result, be careful what you say to the adjuster and never make an admission of guilt. 

When communicating with the insurance adjuster, documentation is critically important. Each time that you speak with the adjuster or a person from the insurance company, write the date and time of the conversation plus an explanation of what was said. 

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Auto Insurance and College Students: What You Should Know

When it comes time for your child to go off to college, you may be thinking that you can send them off without a vehicle and take them off the insurance policy. Alternatively, you may think it is time that they got their own insurance policy. There are many questions that can crop up at this time of your child’s life, and it is important that you get the answers to your questions. So, the team at The Select Insurance Agency has come up with a couple of the most common questions and answers for Coppell, TX residents.

Should Your College Student Get Their Own Auto Insurance Policy?

The answer to this question ideally depends on where your child will be living. So, if your address is going to be used as your college student’s permanent address, then you will likely be able to keep the vehicle they’re using on your auto insurance policy.

However, if they intend to live on campus or in a nearby apartment for the duration of the school year, they may need their own policy.  

Can You Keep Auto Insurance on a Vehicle If It’s in Another State?

If your child is going to be attending college in another state, you may still be able to keep the vehicle on your insurance policy. This is particularly true if the vehicle is in your name. However, if the vehicle is in your child’s name, this may be a different story.

To determine the best move in terms of auto insurance for your college student, contact us today. Serving the Coppell, TX area, The Select Insurance Agency can discuss your individual situation with you to determine exactly what steps need to be taken to ensure that your college student is properly ensured before going off to school.