RV Insurance 2024: FAQs

Are you a lucky owner of an RV? Do you currently travel or live in your motorhome? If you answer "yes," RV insurance is a must. The purpose of RV insurance is to cover expenses if you cause an accident or property damage. If you are thinking about getting RV insurance in 2024, here are the answers to several of the most common questions: 

What does RV insurance cover?

You need to know that there are several types of RV insurance. For example, there is required coverage that is mandatory. It mainly provides coverage for personal liability. However, you may want to add endorsements to your standard insurance for better and more extended protection. 

How is your RV insurance affected?

Certain things and circumstances affect the cost of RV insurance. The price of your insurance depends on the type and age of your RV, coverage limits, the deductible amount, and more. Also, you will pay more if you use your motorhome as a primary residence. 

Is there something that RV insurance does not cover?

Yes, certain things are not covered. For example, your RV insurance most likely won’t cover regular wear and tear. Earthquakes and mold damage are usually not covered as well. However, it depends on the insurance company, so contact an insurance agency to learn about their exclusions. 

If you are shopping for an RV insurance plan, The Select Insurance Agency is here to offer its help. We are experts in different types of insurance and work with customers in Coppell, TX, and other nearby towns and areas in Texas. Please feel free to reach out to us to learn more. 

How Toy Insurance Will Protect Your Investments

Toy insurance is a special type of insurance that protects recreational equipment. Learn how this type of coverage will protect your investments against theft, vandalism, and damage. Contact an agent who serves Coppell, TX, and represents The Select Insurance Agency.

Recreational Toys

Recreational toys include land and water equipment designated for use during recreational activities. Review the list below. It covers some items that may require recreational toy coverage.

  • Quads
  • Trikes
  • Personal watercraft
  • Travel trailers


A criminal act or damage could occur when your recreational equipment is parked or actively used. First, determine the risk factors associated with storing and using your equipment.

Assess the manner in which you secure your equipment. The dangers you uncover will help you decide on an insurance coverage amount that adequately protects your investments.


Seek an inspection of all the recreational toys that you would like to cover with an insurance policy. During an inspection, a mechanic will determine the operable condition of your vehicles and additional recreational equipment. If any of your items need to be serviced, the mechanic will guide you in obtaining the necessary fixes.

Security Measures

Consider how you keep your recreational toys safe and secure. If you are currently parking recreational vehicles outdoors, choose a covered location to store them.

Using adequate security measures will protect against theft, vandalism, and unforeseen damages. Installing a security camera or an alarm will also protect your toys. 

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