Is There a Time Limit in Coppell, TX for the Beneficiary for Claiming an Amount After the Insured Dies?

If you have life insurance, it means you are designating a specific person or your estate to receive funds at the time of your death. For those who have a loved one who has recently passed away, ensuring you claim the insurance is important. While it may not seem like you can handle receiving such money when you are dealing with grief, it may be a very important decision for you. You may not have a lot of time on your side.

What Are the Rules?

Unfortunately, for those who are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, there is often a date by which you must make your claim. Keep in mind that this date changes based on the policy, though. That means that the terms and conditions of receiving the payout will differ based on the life insurance policy specifically. The best way to know when you have until, then, to make a claim is to read through the documentation.

However, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • As long as the beneficiary has the proof necessary to verify his or her identity, it is unlikely that the company will not pay out the funds owed.
  • In many cases, the insurance company will contact the individual beneficiary and provide information about the claim directly. You may not have to wait to learn of the life insurance.
  • Escheatment may occur in which the unclaimed funds from the policy are sent to the state. The state may hold onto these funds for some time until the individual claims them.

To find out more about your Coppell, Texas rights, contact an independent agent today. We can help you to get the life insurance you need at the right price.

Do you offer a discount for long term hire on toy insurance in Coppell, Texas?

There are a lot of things that people will want to insure. People look to insure their cars, homes, high value items and in some cases people buy life insurance. Of all the things that some insure there are a few things that should not be overlooked. Some of these things are what some people call their toys, also known as RV’s, ATV’s and all sorts of fun toys. Here are some things to think about when insuring toys in Coppell, Texas

Some Things to Consider when Buying Toy Insurance

  • Toy insurance works a lot like auto insurance. There is a physical damage side and a liability side to the insurance policy. Your toys can be damaged by the same sources as your car or your home. You will need both sides of the policy to fully protect your toys.
  • You will have the choice to choose a deductible. Consider choosing a high amount in order to keep the cost of the policy low.
  • Insurance companies will often offer multi-policy discounts for their customers. If your home and auto are with the same company, then you may qualify for this important discount.
  • In some cases the longer you are with an insurance company the more you can save with a long term discount.

If you have any questions about toy insurance in the Coppell, Texas area, then please call your independent agent today. We can help answer all of your questions about how to properly insure your priceless toys. Your toys are valuable things that need to be protected from the perils that can damage them. Give us a call and we can help you work through all of the details of getting your toys insured.

Can I file a claim for something that happened to my boat during the off-season in Coppell, TX?

Your boat is an investment not only in the financial side of things but also in the memories that you can build by using it on the water. It is imperative that you protect it from damage while you are using it and while it is in storage during the winter months. Here are some things for you to think about before you file the next claim during the off-season.

Filing an Insurance Claim While the Boat is in the Off-Season

  • You boat policy comes in two sections much like an auto policy. There is the liability side and then there is physical damage section. The liability aspect of the policy is usually used when the boat is being used and the physical damage aspect is used throughout the year.
  • While your boat is in storage consider suspending the liability side of the insurance. You will lower your premium until you are ready to use the boat.
  • You will want to keep the physical damage benefits of the policy applied to the boat year round. If there is some damage that happens because of a storm then you would file a claim using these benefits.
  • If you live in Coppell, Texas, then you can file a claim in the off-season. Damage can happen at anytime of the year so you will need coverage throughout the year.

As your independent agent in the Coppell, Texas areas we can help answer all of your boat insurance questions. We are here to provide you with the services you need to protect your investment during the off-season. Give us a call today and let us put together a policy that will provide coverage for your boat year round.

What type of insurance covers pontoon boats and other unique boats in Coppell, Texas?

Coppell, Texas is an ideal location for owning a pontoon. You can take a day trip to several of the Coppell-area parks or enjoy a day trip to the Gulf of Mexico for a weekend vacation. However, like any other watercraft, it is important to protect your pontoon with proper insurance before you take it out on the water.

What is Pontoon Insurance?

A pontoon is a unique boat that is basically a floating raft that contains a motor. Because of its hybrid status, you will have trouble getting the pontoon covered by traditional boat insurance. What you may not know is that many companies hold a special line of insurance just for your pontoon. Several top insurance providers offer pontoon boat insurance that addresses the risks that are unique to pontoons.

What Pontoon Insurance Covers?

Like boat insurance, pontoon insurance includes liability coverage to protect you from lawsuits that may occur if a guest or bystander is injured while you are operating your pontoon. It also offers medical coverage in the case of an accident. You may also opt to add coverage for theft, vandalism, or expensive upgrades to your pontoon. Some companies also offer extra services, such as towing if your pontoon breaks down on the water.

Insurance for Other Unique Boats

An independent agent can help you insure your pontoon or any other unique boat that you own. because an independent agent carries insurance from multiple companies, you can select from several policies to obtain the best rates for your boat. Your independent agent can also determine the level of coverage that you need for your boat based on your boating activities. Contact us today to receive thorough coverage for pontoons or other unique boats.