Other Insurance in Texas

Nearly everyone has auto and home insurance, but most of these insurance-holders have other items aside from their car and their home that are also highly valuable to them. For this reason, many insurance companies in Coppell, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Grapevine, Irving, and other areas of Texas all offer additional insurance coverage plans to ensure that the owner's valuables are always protected. These plans include umbrella insurance, RV insurance, boat insurance, and toy insurance.

If you are an avid outdoors-enthusiast, it's likely that you own a recreational vehicle, or RV. Unless this is your primary automobile, you also likely don't have insurance on this vehicle. If something were to happen to your RV, this could amount to a tremendous loss equal to that of damaging your primary automobile. To keep your RV protected, it's important to purchase RV insurance to prevent loss from unexpected damages.

Many Texas residents live along the coast and enjoy boating in their spare time. A boat may be fun to use recreationally, but it's also a big investment that set you back quite a bit if something were to happen out on the dangerous Gulf of Mexico. With boat insurance, you can focus on enjoying the sport of boating without risking a huge loss in the event of an accident.

We might not be kids anymore, but we all still have a personal toy that holds both sentimental and monetary value. This can be anything from a $3,000 camera or an antique electric guitar. Toy insurance would cover all of these valuable items that may or may not be included in your general home insurance coverage plan.

Finally, umbrella insurance covers everything left behind after all of your other coverage plans are put in place. This type of insurance usually covers things you may not have thought of when purchasing insurance, or it might just cover any excess costs that your original auto or home insurance plan didn't cover. It's called umbrella insurance because it's always there for you on a rainy day.

When you purchase additional insurance coverage plans with the agency itself, it's impossible to weigh the pros and cons in an unbiased manner. Alternatively, you can compare insurance quotes from an independent agent, like The Select Insurance Agency, to answer your questions and concerns with complete honesty and no ulterior motive. A knowledgeable insurance agent at The Select Insurance Agency can help you make the most appropriate decision for your needs, while comparing quotes to find the best price available.