How to Insure Your ATV

Even though some may think of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) as a “toy,” they may be quite valuable. A new one that is a major brand name unit can cost over $15,000. If, there is any custom work done, then, they can be worth even more than that. Just think about what you are going to do. You are going to take it out in the roughest areas and maybe drive it over a cliff. You best have good “toy” insurance if something goes wrong.

Getting an ATV Insurance Quote

The time to talk with your insurance agent is best before you buy an ATV to have insurance coverage from the minute you buy it. Call us to talk with your agent at The Select Insurance Agency serving Coppell, TX and the surrounding area.

Your agent will want to know the model and year, the price you paid for it, where you plan to use it, who will ride on it, and how to plan to transport it and store it. It is a wise idea to have your agent check your auto insurance to make sure that there is adequate coverage if you plan to use a trailer to tow it around.

Be Safe

When riding your ATV, always wear a helmet and safety gear. If not using it on your property, then, operate it only in areas where it is legal to use an ATV. Depending on the model, and whether it is registered with license plates, you may not be allowed to drive it legally on the streets. If you get in an accident while doing something illegal, usually your insurance will not cover the problem, so be careful.

Contact your agent at The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX to get a quote for ATV insurance or for coverage of any other “toys” including your actual toys from childhood that are now valuable collector’s items.

3 Quick Tips for RV Beginners

Whether your family enjoys occasional camping outings or you are retired in Coppell, TX and want to travel full-time, as an RV beginner, there a few things to know before you head off on your first journey in an RV. Traveling by RV is a great way to see the country and to save money, but the first time you travel by RV it may seem slightly overwhelming. So, to help acquaint you with traveling by RV, The Select Insurance Agency has put together a few tips to consider before you head out.

Decide Whether to Rent or Buy

There are advantages and disadvantages to both renting and buying. Renting will allow you to pick up a clean and maintained RV just before you leave and renting will give you an opportunity to decide if you’re ready for the commitment of buying. If you plan to travel by RV regularly and you have a place to store the vehicle when you aren’t traveling, then buying may be the best option.

Get Familiar With the RV

One of the most important tips for RV beginners is you should take the time to get familiar with the RV. This means learning how an RV works, even if you are renting, you’ll need to know how to diagnosis and fix something if it breaks. Knowing your RV will help save you time and money and the better you know the RV, the less likely you will make operational mistakes.

Have Campsite Setup Checklist

One of the first things many RV beginners overlook is a campground routine. The routine will include everything from finding the ideal campsite to set up camp. Your campsite list should include:

  • Carefully check the campsite for obstacles on the ground and low branches
  • Park as close to the electrical, sewage and water hookups as possible
  • Level the RV with stabilizing jacks
  • Connect to the electrical hookups
  • Attach to the drain hook-up (wear gloves)
  • Set-up your campsite

It’s important for RV beginners to have a travel plan in mind before taking off. You should be aware of the roads you will be driving on and how the RV handles in certain weather conditions. Keep in mind that an RV is heavier than an automobile and it may take a few short drives to fully get the feel of handling an RV.

Residents of Coppell, TX interesting in learning more information about insuring your RV or to review your current policy, contact The Select Insurance Agency.