If I Buy a Condominium in Coppell, Texas, Will my Homeowner’s Insurance Policy be Different From The One I Had When I Owned a House?

When you purchase a condominium in Coppell, Texas, you are purchasing a unit within a building, not an entire building. As a homeowner, you own the entire house and any other physical structures that are on your property. Condominium associations are responsible for insuring the physical property, and that includes most of the building(s.) Although you may not be paying the insurance on the physical condominium property, the monthly condo fees you pay (in addition to your mortgage,) will include your portion of the condominium association’s home insurance policy.

Insuring the Primary Dwelling

The primary dwelling typically refers to the physical structure that people live in. Condo associations will be responsible for insuring most of the physical structure, but there may be specifications that though typical of a condo policy, are vastly different from what you could expect to find in a home insurance policy. The condo association may insure the wall studs of your condo outward. This means that you’re responsible for everything from the wall studs all the way into the condominium.

Insuring Your Personal Property

As your independent agent in Coppell, Texas, we can help you find the appropriate home insurance policy for your condominium. You may be responsible for insuring everything from the wall studs to the inside of the unit. Most homeowner’s insurance policies include anything that is built into the house such as kitchen cabinets, built-in bookshelves, closet shelving, etc. Your condo policy will not include those things, so we would advise you to insure your personal property for a higher dollar amount.

In almost all other aspects, your condo insurance will have most of the same provisions that existed in your home insurance policy. You will have loss of use protection, and your condo insurance will pay medical payments to others who may be injured in your condo. Talk to your independent agent in Coppell, Texas to get more information about a home insurance policy to fit your specific needs.

Whom can I contact if I encounter technical problems when making online payments in Coppell, TX?

There are still plenty of people in Coppell, Texas who do not want to sign up so they can make online payments with their insurance company. Instead, they prefer to pay their monthly or quarterly premiums the old-fashioned way by writing a check, putting it in an envelope and mailing it to the payment processing address.

Most people are comfortable with computers, cell phones and today’s modern technology and have no problem paying their mortgage, electric bill and other regularly recurring bills through online payments. Online payments are a convenient and safe way to pay your insurance premiums as well.

It only takes a few seconds to log into your account and make your payment. Most insurance companies also give you the option of making your payment with your smartphone or other electronic mobile devices. You are in control and money will not be transferred until you confirm that you want to make the payment.

It is very rare that anything will go wrong when you make an online payment towards the balance you owe on your annual insurance premium. The software used to accept payments are designed to be easy and user friendly. If you should make a mistake with the amount or accidentally press the wrong key, you are in no danger of emptying out your bank account.

On the rare occasion that you lose your internet connection or some other technical issue arises, you can always call us and an independent agent will be happy to address your problem. You can also call the insurance company directly and explain your problem. They will be sure to quickly resolve the issue so you can check your account and make your online payments without further delay.

You should not let the possibility of encountering a technical problem stop you from making your insurance payments online. If your computer blows up, or you change your mind, you can always go back to the old-fashioned way of paying your insurance premiums by mail.

In Coppell, Texas, Can I exclude my spouse or teenager from my auto insurance policy to lower my premium or avoid being canceled?

As a policy owner you will find that the more driver’s you have on your auto insurance policy the more it will cost to own. This has led to policy owners wanting to remove teenage driver’s and even their spouse from the policy. Only to find that they are not able to remove the other driver’s. Here are some things to think about before removing any driver from your policy.

Can I Remove a Driver to Lower My Premium?

  • Most insurance company’s in Coppell, Texas are going to require that every licensed driver in the household be insured on a policy.
  • In order to remove a teen from your auto insurance policy they will have to be old enough to have their own policy.
  • Once they have their own policy you can exclude them from the policy but they will still have to be listed as a potential driver in the house. Of course you will have to provide proof that they are insured elsewhere before you can exclude them from your policy.
  • A spouse can have a different auto insurance policy but only if the car is registered in their name. The same rules apply in order to exclude, proof of insurance will be required by the excluding company.
  • The premium may go down or then again it may go up. Some people end up getting the discounts of a good driver only to realize it once the other driver has come off the policy. Check into all your options before making the choice to exclude driver’s.

If you have any questions about your auto insurance policy, as your independent agent we can help answer them. It’s important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances. We can help put your auto insurance policy the way you want it.

Is it legal for my insurance company to non-renew my home insurance because I have too many claims in Coppell, TX?

You have homeowner’s coverage in Coppell, Texas and the only way your company can legally cancel your coverage is if, you fail to make your scheduled monthly payments or when you filled out your application, you committed fraud. We can help you. Contact us to speak with an independent agent and we will sort out all of your details.

However, you or your company can chose not to renew your homeowner’s coverage at the end of the policy period. Your company must give you notice and a reason why they are not going to renew your homeowner’s policy. You will need to contact your independent agent for details. When a company makes this decision, you can pursue this decision through your department of insurance in Texas. This non-renewal coverage on your home insurance can be something you did, such as turning in too many claims or possibly the area you live in had too many claims.

If you submit too many claims on your homeowner’s coverage, you stand a good chance of getting a black mark against your name and you could receive a non-renewal of your policy. It is not illegal if your insurance company decides not to renew your coverage.

You as a homeowner can run into any number of problems when your company did not renew your homeowner’s coverage. You do have the options of speaking with your agent, and your neighbors as to what company insures their home. You can call the Texas Department of Insurance for help in getting coverage through another company.

Many companies keep a permanent record on how you handled your coverage. When you mishandle your coverage a few times, it can put you on a watch list. This information is available to all companies.

When you file a homeowner’s claim, all the claim information is stored in a shared database, and the information sits as a history on your account. It is important that you give your independent agent in Coppell, Texas a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances.