Ways to Protect your Car without a Garage in Texas

Although many Texas homes have garages, you may not have access to a garage or have space in yours to park your car. As your independent agent in Coppell, we will be able to get you the best deal on comprehensive insurance coverage if you park your car in a garage, but there are other practices that can similarly protect your car from weather and other hazards.

Steel Carport: If you don’t have a garage, a steel carport is the next best thing. The strong material will protect your vehicle from hail, piles of snow, falling limbs, and other hazards that come with each season. It will also keep your paint in good condition under the hot Texas sun.

Car Cover: Another way to protect your car, especially if you don’t drive it for a season, is to use a car cover. The thick fabric protects it from scratches and other damage and helps keep the paint in good shape. It can also provide some protection against bad weather.

Driveway: Parking your car in a driveway is much better than parking it on the street. It’s less susceptible to theft because it is closer to your home. You can also install motion sensitive lights to further reduce the chance of theft. In addition, cars parked in driveways are less likely to be hit by passing vehicles.

Anti-Theft Devices: Any anti-theft system or device you install in your car can help provide another deterrent against theft without having to park in a garage. Consider an alarm system, steering wheel lock, or other anti-theft device.

When you’re getting a car insurance policy in Coppell, let one of our independents agent know which of these strategies you use. You may qualify for lower rates, and at the very least, you know you’re doing everything you can to protect your car.

Am I Liable for an Unwanted Guest on my Property in Coppell, Texas?

When considering your insurance needs and what types of coverage you should have, consider whether you are liable for an unwanted guest on your property in Texas. Depending on the situation, you could be liable for injuries the person received, whether you invited him onto your property or not. It is best to speak with an independent agent about this type of coverage to make sure you have enough insurance in Coppell.

Unless you have posted a no trespassing sign on your property, you will probably be liable for injury or damage if someone is hurt at your home. For example, if the neighborhood kids come over and use your pool while you are not home, and someone is hurt, without a specific no trespassing sign posted, you will probably be liable for the expenses. Whether it is a guest you have invited over, or someone who comes on your property uninvited, you need to make sure you have the proper homeowners insurance coverage. These situations occur more frequently than you might think. Being prepared in advance is the best way to give yourself peace of mind.

A qualified independent agent in Texas can help you understand all of your options when it comes to insurance. The agents will contact several different providers and compare rates and quotes. When choosing the best insurance coverage in Coppell, you need to think about how much you will have to pay and how much coverage you will receive. You do not want to find yourself without enough protection if an unwanted guest is injured on your property. A lawsuit can be an expensive ordeal and you will need the help of your insurance company to make sure everything works out in the end. Contact your agent today.

Do I need life insurance in Texas if I’m a young single person?

As a young single in Texas, you may think of life insurance as something you don’t even need to think about for several years, until you’re married and maybe even have kids. However, everyone can benefit from a life insurance policy, regardless of age. Here are some reasons to consider getting life insurance even when you’re young.

Lower Cost: Premiums on life insurance increase as you get older, so if you open a policy now, you’ll pay lower monthly premiums than if you wait. You may be surprised to learn how inexpensive a policy can be, and as your independent agent in Coppell, we can provide quotes on policies from top carriers.

Provide Funeral Expenses: You may be surprised to learn just how much it can cost to cover the expenses your family would incur if you passed away. A small life insurance policy is perfect for covering things like funeral expenses, a burial plot, and any paperwork needed for handling the possessions you leave behind.

Cover Your Debts: If you have student loans for which your parents or others have co-signed, life insurance can repay your loans so your co-signer is not held responsible for them. Although federal student loans are forgiven upon death, many private lenders do not offer the same benefit. Any remaining money from your policy after covering your debts can go to your family members, like parents, siblings, nieces, or nephews.

We encourage you to consider whether a life insurance policy may be beneficial for you, even when you’re still young and single. Let us provide you with quotes from our independent agency in Coppell, Texas so you can evaluate the cost and make an informed decision about whether to purchase a policy now.

The Facts about Auto Insurance Policy Backdating in Texas

Auto insurance policy backdating is a topic that confuses many policyholders. The facts are that this means that a Coppell, Texas insurance agent puts a date on the policy that is earlier than when the policy actually takes effect. This is something that many drivers think is a simple matter. However, for an insurance agent, this is not something to be taken lightly.

Backdating a policy like this means that the independent agent says the customer has insurance at a time they did not actually have it. This is not only illegal, it is actually a form of insurance fraud. The company could land itself in hot water if it was found out that they backdated the policy. Another concern is not just that the company could get into legal trouble, but if the driver had an accident during the time the policy was backdated, the company would have to pay.

Upfront and honest insurance agents cannot and will not backdate a policy like this. You may wonder, why would a customer even want this? Well, mainly it is because there is often a fee attached when the customer goes uninsured.

The best way for a customer to avoid this problem and therefore avoid even the idea of backdating a policy is by keeping up with the current insurance. Sometimes it may be a matter of not being able to make a payment. If this is the case, the policyholder may be able to work out a payment plan with his or her agent or insurance company.

Insurance is important. Not only does it protect you monetarily in case of an accident, most states have certain requirements that must be met, and driving without insurance can result in a ticket or even losing your driver’s license—something that no driver wants to face.