Is Vandalism Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy?

There are many ways in which a home can be vandalized. Graffiti can be sprayed on the garage door or rocks can be thrown through the windows. If your home has been vandalized, you may find yourself wondering is this is covered under your home insurance policy.

Vandalism is covered under standard home insurance policies. However, in order to file a claim, most insurance providers require you to file a police report for the damage done. Once a police report is filed, you can then file an insurance claim to recoup money to make repairs.

When deciding whether to file a home insurance claim for vandalism, it is important to consider your deductible. Your deductible dictates how much money you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in to help. Most people have deductibles that range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars. If one or two windows were broken, and your insurance deductible is $1000, you may be better off paying for the windows yourself, as the windows may not exceed the cost of your deductible. However, if your garage door was heavily damaged and must be replaced, and you only have a $250 deductible, you are better off filing a home insurance claim rather than paying a significant amount of money for the door. Paying close attention to the deductible will help you determine if filing a claim is best for you.

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Auto insurance Faux Pas

Let’s face it. Auto Insurance can be a bit like playing Chutes and Ladders. A wrong move and you slide into a hole. It’s the same with auto insurance rates. With auto insurance, a wrong move, or not being aware of some things can increase your premium.

Your insurance company uses something called ISO rating. The Insurance Services Office, or ISO, provides them with a magical algorithm that combines  actuarial, statistical, and claims information bottled up in metrics and analytics. These provide an insurance agent with the tools to know based on location and many other pieces of information what to charge. Moving for a job, renting. You might what to ask your insurance agent what towns in the area have the lowest rates. A 2 mile difference in location can make a $4-20 difference in rate per month. Added over time, that could provide a savings.

Making a claim can increase your rates. Some companies have accident forgiveness. Is it a minor claim? You might not want to claim it. Talk to your agent first. 

Many auto insurance companies follow the Insurance Services Office’s (ISO) standard of increasing a premium. ISO’s surcharge plan for an accident may boost a vehicle’s premium. And it may have an increase of 20 to 40 percent.

Another saver that is factored into ISO is how much you drive. With many people working remotely or working at home two to three days a week, you could possibly qualify for "Usage based" auto insurance. By reducing your driving not only do you save gas but you could save on your insurance was well. This program was pioneered in Texas.

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