How much auto insurance do you need in Dallas?

The state of Texas is experiencing quite the population boom, which has some people wondering about car insurance. How much auto assurance do you need to be covered in the Lone Star state? Are there specific requirements for insurance of which every Dallas, TX resident should be aware? The Select Insurance Agency is here to answer your questions.

Texas Auto Insurance Insurance Requirements

The Lone Star state requires all drivers to have insurance to operate a vehicle in the region. An adequate policy, according to the law, is one that provides payment of up to $30,000 per injured person and at least $60,000 for damages per accident. You must also have coverage for property damage that amounts to at least $25,000 per incident.

You do not need to have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to operate a vehicle in the state of Texas. It is never a bad idea, though, to explore the benefits of such addition to your policy.

Providing Proof Of Insurance

Residents driving through Dallas, TX and other parts of the state must have proof of insurance at all times. You must furnish such proof of indemnity coverage when requested to do so by a police officer or face the risk of being cited for failing to show evidence of assurance. Showing proof of insurance is also necessary when you are involved in a car accident. Such is especially true if you are the driver at fault. You will need to furnish evidence of your having an indemnity policy during your vehicle’s annual inspection.

Let A Professional Help

The world of auto insurance can be daunting for the average consumer. Many drivers often find that minimum policy limits as set forth by the state are not enough to protect them from financial turmoil in the instance of a car accident. You need to contact the representatives at The Select Insurance Agency to find the plan that best suits your needs.

The Importance of Liability Coverage in a Home Insurance Policy

You have a home insurance policy that you know will protect you and your family from a wide variety of threats such as fire, theft and storm damage but you should also understand the liability coverage that your policy contains.  This is an important piece that will protect you financially should an accident occur where you are found liable.  Simply put, if someone has an accident or there is damage where you are at fault, the liability coverage will go to work to pay for medical expenses for the injured party.  Should they decide to sue you, it can help with legal expenses, as well.  Medical and legal expenses are very costly so understating the coverage is important.  In the Coppell, TX area, the team at The Select Insurance Agency can help you get the right coverage so that your family is always protected. 

With liability coverage, the bodily injury piece covers medical expenses such as x-rays, doctor visits, ambulance and hospital stays.  Again, these situations can include a variety of situations such as a dog bite, a slip or fall or a cut.  For instance, if someone comes to your home and develops food poisoning, this policy will cover their care.  If you damage someone else’s property such as breaking a window, the policy will also address that situation. 

Liability coverage will pay out to certain limits.  Should an injured party decide to sue, the policy will cover the expenses and judgment up to a certain level.  While it may not cover everything, it is still an important financial protection.  At The Select Insurance Agency, the agents work with homeowners through the Coppell, TX area to help them understand liability coverage and have the appropriate amounts of coverage.  Call today!