What Will Cause my Car Insurance Rates to Change in Coppell, TX?

You’re surprised to learn that your car insurance rates have risen. You’re not looking forward to paying the higher bill, and you have questions for your insurer. You should know, though, that it’s not unusual for the cost of an auto insurance policy to rise or fall. In fact, there are many reasons car insurance rates to change.

Car insurance rates vary by area. If you’ve moved to a new community in Texas, then, your rates might rise or fall. Even if you move to a new neighborhood in Coppell, the same may happen. That’s because certain zip codes have less crime and fewer auto thefts or break-ins. Insurers charge you less for living in a safer area of Coppell because they have less risk of paying to repair a broken window that your car suffered during an auto break-in.

Your insurance rates will definitely change — rising sometimes dramatically — if you are given a speeding ticket or involved in an auto accident. It is the general policy of insurance companies to reward motorists with clean driving records with lower rates. Drivers with speeding tickets and accidents on their records, though, will pay more because insurance companies view them as riskier drivers more likely to cause them to have make a significant payout in the future.

Then there are family matters to consider. Once your children begin driving on your auto insurance, your rates will jump, often dramatically. As these children age, your rates will slowly fall. And once they leave your insurance and begin paying for their own auto insurance policy, your rates will again take a dip.

Insurance rates, then, are not set in stone. They rise and fall according to a whole host of factors. If you do have questions about your car insurance rates, call your local insurance agent. This professional can provide you with several reasons car insurance rates to change.

Tips to Avoiding a Home Burglary in Coppell, Texas

You want to protect the most valuable items in your home in Coppell, Texas. Fortunately, there are several tips that can help in avoiding a home burglary.

And in even better news: If you follow some of these strategies of protecting your home in Coppell, you can receive a discount in your homeowners insurance rates.

First, purchase a home security system. Insurance providers like when you do this. It decreases the chance that you’ll suffer a home burglary, and similarly lowers the chance that they’ll have to pay out funds to replace your most valuable assets. Yes, a home security system will cost money. But such systems will protect your family members and your valuables. Make sure, too, that you prominently advertise the fact that your home is protected. Most burglars upon seeing a sign from a home-security company on your lawn will simply move on to easier prey.

Next, invest in automatic home-lighting systems for when you are away on vacation. These systems will automatically turn your lights on and off while you and your family are gone. This provides the illusion that your home is not empty. Again, many burglars would rather take the chance on breaking into empty homes.

Another method of avoiding a home burglary is to form close relationships with your neighbors. Be sure to tell your neighbors when you are going to be away on vacation. This way, they can watch your home for any suspicious activity while you’re away. And if they do see something odd, they can quickly call the police.

Finally, don’t get in the habit of leaving doors or windows unlocked when you’re away. Not even the quietest neighborhoods in Coppell are immune to home burglaries. It’s easy to get complacent. But keeping your home locked while you are away could help you avoid seeing your Texas home violated.

Ways to Prepare Your Car for Summer Heat in Texas

There are no two ways about it: summer heat in Texas is brutal and long lasting. It doesn’t just take a toll on people, gardens, livestock and crops; it also stresses the vehicles people drive. As a driver, you need to learn ways to prepare your car for extreme heat. Simple tasks that are performed regularly contribute greatly to the safety of drivers and passengers, the safety of the car, and also help to extend the life of the vehicle. By taking the time to check over your car each week, you may be able to save a huge amount of money on unavoidable car repairs. You will have great peace of mind in knowing that you and your passengers will be safe wherever you are traveling in the brutal heat. Maintain Optimal Fluid Levels in Your Car The North Texas Tollway Association has recommendations for drivers as to ways to prepare their cars for the sweltering summer heat that is so prevalent in Texas. Proper fluid levels will ensure the proper functioning of the car’s engine and other systems. Check the oil, transmission fluid, power-steering fluid, brake and windshield wiper fluid, and the antifreeze and coolant. The cooling system is important for passenger comfort. Don’t Let Car Overheat The leading cause of car breakdowns during the hot Texas summer is overheated cars. Drivers can easily prevent this problem and avoid being stranded in potentially life-threatening situations by making sure that the car’s anti-freeze is refreshed (even though you rarely use it.) Also make sure that the radiator always has plenty of coolant. That helps to reduce the engine temperature and ensures that any leaks are tightly sealed. Check Air Conditioning System AAA recommends that drivers have a certified technician check their car’s air conditioning system. If the air conditioning isn’t working well, that could easily be an indication of low refrigerant. Some vehicles have cabin filters that prevent outside debris from entering the ventilation system. Replacing the cabin filter can sometimes improve the quality of air flow and cooling so passengers are more comfortable. Use Higher Quality Oil Switching to high-performance synthetic motor oil is another effective way to reduce engine heat because the heat is dispersed faster. Examine Belts and Hoses Inspecting belts and hoses is just as important as adjusting car fluid levels. Cracked belts or worn out hoses also contribute to engine overheating. A cracked belt is easily recognizable because it is either unusually soft or hard. Check hose clamps to ensure that they are tight, and make sure that there is no corrosion or cracking at the ends. To be on the safe side, carry a kit filled with spare belts and hoses in your vehicle so that you can replace them as necessary. Extreme heat stresses these parts of the car, causing all sorts of damage. Inflate Tires Regularly Cars that have properly inflated tires get better gas mileage. When tires aren’t properly inflated, they are much more susceptible to blow-outs, and blown out tires on highways present a dangerous situation for you and other drivers around you. A sticker on the door jamb on the driver’s side of the car will indicate the proper tire pressure. Make sure that you also have a fully inflated spare tire. It is also a good idea, as suggested by AAA, for drivers to keep a fully stocked emergency kit in their cars. Stock car emergency kits with plenty of water, non-perishable food, flashlights and extra batteries, jumper cables, an emergency beacon or road flares, hand tools, a tire jack, and a fully equipped first aid kit. Know where the emergency and rest stops are along highways.

How do you Report Recent Hail damage in Coppell, TX?

Although hail is not a very frequent occurrence in the Coppell, Texas area, it does happen in Coppell once in a while — and it can have a disastrous impact on your vehicles! You should always report such damage to your insurance agent as quickly as possible, but knowing how to report hail damage the right way is very important. Here are the guidelines for reporting hail damage in Coppell.

How to Report Hail Damage in Coppell

As soon as the hail damage takes place, and once the hail storm has ended, you should inspect the damage. You should make sure that you make a complete inspection of all areas of your home and vehicles so that you are completely aware of the damage. Take photos as you go, or video if possible, so that you have a good record of exactly what the damage consists of.

Contact your insurance agent to report the hail damage as soon as possible. The process for reporting the damage may vary slightly depending upon your insurance company and insurance agent, but your agent will help you with the process. Some insurance companies will allow you to file a claim over the Internet or by faxing information in, while in other cases you might need to visit the office of your own agent to sign papers and get the claim started.

Part of your claim filing process will usually be determining how much it will cost to get your property repaired to its former state — the condition it was in prior to the hail damage. Your agent may provide you with the names of local contractors who can give you appraisals for repair costs. Your compensation will generally be based upon repair estimate numbers.

The fastest way to report hail damage in Coppell, and to get your claim settled, is to work together with your insurance agent. Your agent is here to help!