Workers Compensation Insurance Keeps Your Employees Healthy and on the Job

While you may view workers compensation as an added expense for your Coppell, TX commercial insurance from the Select Insurance Agency, in fact, it works to help your employees maintain their lifestyle when injured and all through recovery.  It is really an investment in the future of your company and the community.

Pays for Needed Medical Treatment

If one of your employees is injured on the job, on or off your property, your workers compensation policy ensures that all necessary medical treatment is paid for without any out-of-pocket expense on the part of the injured staff member. This way there is no hesitation to seek medical attention and your staff are able to better maintain their overall health.

Rehab and Physical Therapy is Included

Not only does your insurance take care of the emergency room, it also works with the doctors to ensure that the employee is given access to the rehabilitation and therapy needed to return to work.  They will be able to build up their strength without experiencing the added stress of being unable to afford the crucial part of their treatment. This avoids an employee trying to do too much too soon and ending up back in the hospital.

Employees Return to the Job Able to Work

Not only does the employee feel better about themselves when they receive the right support when injured, ultimately it allows them to maintain their lifestyle without entering into debt. Providing quality care leaves a lasting impression and supports your reputation. They’ll also be more productive, which in turn helps your business succeed.

In the end, when you work with your agent from the Select Insurance Agency to find the right workers compensation coverage, everybody in your Coppell, TX business will benefit.

Why You Need RV Insurance

Owning a recreational vehicle is a great way to get outside and tour this amazing country. From the Grand Canyon to Mount Rushmore, there are sights best seen from the road while traveling at your own leisure. However, your RV is an entirely different vehicle from a standard car or truck, which is why you need to invest in RV insurance. So whether you live in or around Coppell, TX, the team at The Select Insurance Agency is on hand to help educate you on the importance of RV insurance.

It’s Not Just a Vehicle

Your RV isn’t just a vehicle. It’s a mobile home. It allows you to set up camp almost anywhere and live. With these differences, it requires additional insurance. From the appliances inside to the functionality of the shower, these are parts of the RV you won’t find in a truck or SUV. This means regular auto insurance will not cover the additional features of an RV. RV insurance will cover these additional aspects.

Not Always In Use

For many RV owners, the vehicle is not always in use. You may decide to put it into storage during the winter months or for certain times of the year. With RV insurance, you can designate times of the year where you want insurance coverage on the vehicle.

Your RV is a valuable investment. You need to protect it and care for it with the help of RV insurance. You’ll likely have plenty of questions as to what works for you and what will offer quality coverage for your vehicle. At The Select Insurance Agency, you’ll have all of your questions answered. So whether you live around or in Coppell, TX, now is the perfect time to give the insurance team a call.