What should your home insurance policy cover?

Homeowners in Coppell, TX know how important it is to have home insurance that covers everything that could potentially go wrong with a house.  Fortunately, the agents at The Select Insurance Agency know how crucial it is to find a good home owner’s policy for each of their clients.  If you’re currently in the market for a new policy, consider whether the policies you’re comparing cover these things.

  1. Natural disasters.  As it becomes harder to predict the frequency of storms and other events, some insurance companies are dropping coverage for events such as hurricanes and sinkholes.  If you opt for a policy that excludes coverage for these events, make sure you have ample savings to fall back on.
  2. Small items.  While items such as jewelry and cell phones are technically covered by most home policies, most people don’t make claims for them because of their high deductibles.  Ask your agent about adding a rider for these items.  You’ll pay a much lower deductible if you have to make a claim, and you’ll get better coverage than most store-bought warranties for these items.
  3. Detached buildings and structures.  If your property has a shed, pool house, or a dock, then it is possible that they aren’t covered by your home insurance policy. In many cases, these buildings are specifically excluded, particularly if they were added without a permit.  If they are covered, make sure that the coverage limits give you enough funds to completely replace them in the event of a disaster.  Many policies offer relatively low coverage limits for these items.

If you’re thinking about investing in a new home policy, call the agents at The Select Insurance Agency.  They have years of experience helping Coppell, TX residents find policies that are right for them and their families.

Comprehensive coverage protects you from loss due to storm damage and falling trees

There are a lot of perils out there to consider when buying automobile insurance in Texas. Of course there are traffic accidents, and that is usually the major concern, but there are also storms that can do damage to your automobile. Other things, like boats, RV’s and other motorized vehicles can also be damaged by storms.

In Texas, storm damage to your vehicle is usually covered under your automotive comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive is "everything else" type coverage and comes in when your car is damaged by something other than driving it. If you only have liability coverage you may not be covered. This would also be true for something like a boat that might get damaged by a falling tree while parked in your yard.

It does not matter whether the tree came from your yard or a neighbors yard, though you might be able to make a clam in their property if it came from their yard.

In coastal areas of Texas there is also a deductible for hurricane damages. In this case it must be an actual hurricane, as oppose to a watch or warning in place. Hail and high wind also carry special deductibles.

Call or visit the Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, Texas, to get auto insurance that will keep you covered when storms wreak havoc on your neighborhood. Each customer has a slightly different situation, so we can adjust it to fit your needs. Existing customers may also stop by to get their policy updated to make sure you have proper coverage. Boats or RV type vehicles should also have comprehensive coverage to make sure you will be covered if there is damage to that property as the result of a storm.