Umbrella or “excess liability coverage”, do I need it?

Homeowners, boat, and auto insurance policies all have a limit on liability. In case of an accident where you are at fault, the chances are that you may not have adequate coverage to cover all the costs on the damage and loss. This is where you realize that umbrella/excess liability coverage is not for the wealthy, but an umbrella to cover you all through.

How umbrella insurance works

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage when a claim is beyond the underlying policy’s insurance limit. For instance, if you collided with another vehicle and caused damage worth 1 million, and your auto insurance provides $500,000 in coverage, your umbrella insurance will cover for the remaining amount.

That is why The Select Insurance Agency recommends that every insurance holder in Coppell, TX have umbrella insurance for maximum coverage. However, you should keep in mind that you have to buy the standard insurance policies for you to be allowed to purchase umbrella insurance. This is because, umbrella acts as extra coverage and can only ‘kick in’ if the standard auto, home, or watercraft insurance is depleted.

Do I really need it?

Most people in Coppell, TX assume that umbrella insurance is for the wealthy or people with substantial assets that need extra coverage, but over the years that has only proved to be a myth. Umbrella insurance is there to add that assurance that you will not go back into your pockets in case of a disaster at home or on the road.

Umbrella insurance provides that extra cover for car accidents which may occur when an employee is using the company vehicle. Trucks can be catastrophic and such accidents may command a high amount of coverage which auto insurance may not offer. Interested in getting additional coverage for you, family and employees contact The Select Insurance Agency today.

At What Age Should I Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a way to help loved ones begin to recover from the loss of a family member. This includes meeting financial obligations and making sure the family has the least amount of difficulty possible following a loss. When you purchase a life insurance policy, much will depend on your family, job, age, and more, in determining whether life insurance is a good idea for you. Our agents at The Select Insurance Agency, serving the Coppell, TX communities, will be able to inform you of when, how, and why you should consider a life insurance policy.

When you visit us we’ll ask you questions to get to know you better. We’ll discuss insurance options and what’s available right now. We’ll have policies available from multiple national agencies. They’re reputable companies that have served the nation for years. The advantage we offer is that you won’t have to contact each of them individually and spend a lot of time exploring multiple insurance choices. We’ll have them all right here for you to see. You can ask your questions and get the answers concerning each company immediately. After learning your options, you can make your choice and purchase the insurance you want through our agency.

Purchasing a life insurance policy in Coppell, TX will help you have the confidence that you’ve done all you can to protect your family. It’s a difficult subject to think about, certainly. We can assure you that once you’ve gone through this process then your uneasiness will be greatly reduced. This is because you’ve made the choice to make careful plans for the future. It’s easy to find the policy that will serve you. Come into The Select Insurance Agency and find insurance that will work for you.