Three Important Toy Insurance Coverages When Insuring Boats, RVs, or Four-Wheelers

Whether you’re navigating waterways, traveling cross-country, or exploring rugged trails around Coppell, TX, securing the right toy insurance coverages for your boat, RV, or four-wheeler is essential. At The Select Insurance Agency, we understand the unique needs of insuring these fun vessels and vehicles.

1. Physical Damage Coverage

Physical damage coverage is foundational, providing general protection against damage to your boat, RV, or four-wheeler. In the event of an accident, natural disaster, or theft, physical damage coverage will likely pay to repair or replace your vehicle. Other perils are often covered, too.

2. Liability Insurance

Liability coverage normally covers injuries and property damage in an accident you’re responsible for. It might provide protection if someone on your boat drowns, if a passenger on your four-wheeler gets a concussion, or if your RV causes a pile-up on the freeway.

At The Select Insurance Agency, we frequently recommend high liability insurance limits because lawsuits, medical treatment, and property repairs can be expensive. One of our agents can work with you to determine precisely what liability limits make sense in your situation.

3. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

While you may take every precaution necessary, not all drivers or boaters carry adequate insurance. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage may protect in scenarios where others are at fault but lack sufficient coverage to compensate you for damages or injuries. 

Protect Your Recreational Toy with Confidence

At The Select Insurance Agency, we’re dedicated to helping the residents of Coppell, TX enjoy their recreational toys without worry. Contact us today to discuss what toy insurance options would make sense for your boat, RV, or four-wheeler.

Must-Have Solar RV Gear

Solar power is an excellent addition to an RV, allowing you to head to even the most remote locations and have power. Solar power will enable you to travel around and still have access to energy to operate small electronics and certain appliances. The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX, offers tips for the best gear to connect to a solar system.

Operating Small Devices

Smaller electronic devices can be run on a 100- to 200-W solar panel. Cell phones, laptops, LED lighting, radios, and desktop computers, depending on their size, can be charged. These are handy to have for weekends or longer periods on the road.

Entertainment Systems

In addition to a radio, owners can connect to an energy-efficient television. These can be connected to cable boxes or a satellite dish, giving watchers a wide range of viewing options. This is wonderful to have on rainy days to keep the kiddos entertained. Gaming systems can also be connected.

Running the A/C and Kitchen Appliances on Solar Energy

Solar panels can easily run on ceiling, window, and floor fans but can also allow the use of an air conditioner. Depending on the amps used and size, about 200 W of solar energy is required. You’ll also need a battery bank and an inverter. It’s also possible to have a refrigerator hooked up to solar, but larger units require at least 250 W of batteries. However, small kitchen appliances like microwaves, toasters, blenders, coffee pots, and garbage disposals can be used.

Need Protection for Your RV? Our Agents Can Help

Here at The Select Insurance Agency In Coppell, TX, we know how much many people enjoy spending time outdoors in the vast expanses of the Lone Star State. The weather here can be dramatic in some areas, making RVs a popular option for those ready to hit the road and travel in comfort. We offer recreation vehicle insurance and can cover expenses related to damages to the unit itself and certain add-ons like solar panels. Contact us today to learn more.