5 Things to Consider When Getting Health Insurance

Health insurance might be the most important insurance you get. You, therefore, need to make a good decision, and to help you with this, check out these 5 things to consider when getting health insurance.

Medication Coverage

Find out whether the medications you take (if any) are covered. You also need to find out whether you will have to buy generic alternatives while on the cover and what the copay will be so you don’t spend a lot.

The Covered Providers and Networks

It’s important to know whether your hospital is covered by the insurance you get. If you pick The Select Insurance Agency while in Coppell, TX for your cover, you will get clear information on the hospitals covered. Not checking beforehand can force you to pay out of pocket to be able to see your regular physician or compromise and go to a different one that’s in your insurer’s network. 

Premiums Payable

While premiums are important to consider, don’t base your decision on premiums alone. Insurance that you pay for cheaply may have a smaller network of hospitals covered and higher deductibles which will cost you more in the long run so always consider different factors.

Extra Benefits

Some insurers will throw in extra perks for their members such as free gym ownerships, legal consultations, and free counseling. While these are great deals, the extras should not deceive you to pay more than you need to for a cover. 

The Deductibles

This is the amount that you have to pay before the insurance can be used. You need to be careful when deciding because higher deductibles may mean lower premiums while lower deductibles may mean higher premiums. 
Hopefully, this list will be helpful for you with your insurance matters so don’t hesitate to head to The Select Insurance Agency especially if you’re in Coppell, TX, for more information and some great coverage options.

What are the benefits of getting workers comp insurance in Texas?

People that are in the Coppell, TX area and own a business should make sure that their company is properly protected. One type of insurance that can help to protect a company is workers comp insurance. There are a range of benefits that come when you have this type of insurance coverage in place. 

Ensures Employees are Protected

Worker’s compensation insurance is an important form of coverage that aims to ensure that employees are properly protected if they are hurt or injured while at work. If they do incur an injury, they will know that they will receive the care that they need as well as the protection of their wages while they recover. This is a valuable benefit that could also help you find and retain staff.

Insurance Reduced Liability Risk for Employer

When you have a workers compensation insurance plan in place it could help you to avoid liability claims. If you have a team member that gets hurt at work, they will file a claim with the worker’s compensation insurance provider to receive support. If you do not have this insurance in place, the employee will be more likely to sue you and your business for the same support. Due to this, you will have a lower liability risk with this insurance in place. 

Those that are looking for a workers comp insurance plan in the Coppell, TX area should call The Select Insurance Agency. There are a lot of important benefits that come with this insurance. At the same time, there are many decisions that need to be made when you are choosing a new policy. The team with The Select Insurance Agency can help you understand the different options and build you a policy that will provide the ideal protection for your situation. 

Protecting your small business with commercial insurance

Small businesses are singularly vulnerable to risks that might not damage a larger business. It can make it hard to sleep at night imagining all the things that can go wrong. It is crucial to identify the risks facing your business and try to mitigate them as much as possible with commercial insurance. The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX has been serving residents of the metro Dallas Fort Worth area for 15 years. We work with over 30 companies to find the perfect policy for all of our customers. 

A business owner’s policy provides protection most businesses can benefit from. By buying them together in one policy instead of two separate policies, you are able to benefit from better pricing. A business owner policy combines commercial property insurance with commercial liability insurance. The commercial property insurance covers all of your property, not just the building. You can’t do business without your machinery, office equipment, inventory, and raw materials. The liability insurance protects you from the effects of being sued. Litigation can cost you your business if you are not insured and end up with a judgment against you and legal fees.

Business interruption insurance can help guarantee if your business is hit with a covered peril you will come out on the other end and be able to reopen for business. Just because your business is in shambles, it doesn’t mean your bills or obligations go away. With business interruption insurance you will be able to pay your bills, meet payroll, and even take a salary. Not all perils are covered however so be sure to read the policy for detail. 

At The Select Insurance Agency in Coppell, TX, our team will work with you to curate the perfect commercial policy to protect your small business. Visit our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.