Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Motorcycle Accessories?

Eichelmann Insurance Agency, serving the greater Dallas, TX area, provides motorcycle insurance. As a motorcycle insurer, we are often asked about motorcycle accessories. Motorcyclists want to know if their accessories, including saddle bags, lifts and stands, covers and navigation devices, are covered by their motorcycle insurance if their bike is stolen or the accessories are damaged in an accident.

A standard motorcycle insurance policy will not cover any of the accessories that you have added to your bike or may have with you on your bike at the time of the accident. This includes accessories that have been installed and cannot be removed and removable accessories. However, this does not mean that these items cannot be covered.

Many companies that sell insurance coverage allow you to purchase a motorcycle accessory add on to your motorcycle insurance policy. This add-on covers loss or damage of these accessories either due to theft or accident. Typically, you must make a list of all of the accessories you have. If an item is not on the list, it will not be covered. Because of this, you have to continually update your add-on policy as your accessories change. There are a few add-on policies that simply cover your accessories up to a stated amount, but for the most part, the majority requires you to list each one to ensure it is covered under your policy.

If you are looking to purchase a new motorcycle policy, or simply need to add motorcycle accessory coverage to your existing one in the greater Dallas, TX area, visit Eichelmann Insurance Agency. Call us today for a free quote or set up an appointment to sit down with one of our agents to put a motorcycle insurance policy together for you.



Is it worth getting RV insurance for older travel trailers?

Travel trailers can be really fun, but they are also a huge responsibility. Older travel trailers may seem like it is too cheap and old to bother getting insurance, but there are instances where it is needed or recommended. There are multiple variables to take into consideration, including the cost of your trailer, legal obligations, and the classification of your trailer. If you do take the right step and get your RV insured, The Select Insurance Agency will serve you if you are in the Coppel,l TX area.

RV Insurance May Be Legally Required

There are multiple instances that RV insurance is legally required in Coppell TX. If your motorhome is large enough to be classified as a Class A or Class B motor home, then you will have to get insurance. If your motor home is financed, it is likely that the financial institution will require you to have insurance. Rental vehicles will also want you to have insurance.

Protecting Your Investment

Used motor homes are definitely cheaper than their newer counterparts, but they are still significant investments. If you paid tens of thousands for your motor home and you own it outright, you will want to consider coverage in the event of a fire, theft, or any other disaster.

RVs Are Exposed To The Elements

These RVs are usually stored outdoors and are used frequently for camping and long hauls. This means that they are especially susceptible to theft, storm damage, vandalism, or accidents. For this reason, it may be a good idea to get your used RV insured.

As you can see, you will probably need to insure your RV. Once you decide to purchase your used RV, consider The Select Insurance Agency to have you covered with competitively priced plans.