Does my home insurance policy cover smoke damage in Texas?

After a fire occurs, there is likely to be a variety of damages to your property. Depending on the damage and the situation, you may be covered to repair or replace the items in your house. Texas homeowners insurance will usually cover damages that are related to fires, even if it is just damage from the smoke.

Covered Perils

Most homeowner’s plans will include fires as part of the coverage that is provided on your property. Since covered perils can vary, you may need to read your policy thoroughly to determine the exact details that are available in your plan.

Although many plans will cover fires, the damages from smoke that are covered may vary. In some cases, you may have limitations on your plan that relate to the total cost or percentage of the plan that can be applied to the situation.

Adding Coverage

If you are worried that the potential cost of repairs and replacing personal items may be exceed the current coverage on your plan, then you can purchase additional protection. Some insurers will allow you to add to the plan for specific situations and perils. For example, you might add coverage for personal belongings if you are worried that the smoke from a fire will add to the total damages and that your home will be hard to repair without the extra protection for your personal belongings.

Smoke can damage your personal belongings as quickly as the fire, even if the fire does not ever reach the room or it is stopped quickly. The problem is that replacing your personal belongings or repairing parts of the house that were damaged by smoke can be costly. Fortunately, many plans will cover the situation. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more.

Coppell, TX Car Insurance Requirements

If you live in Coppell, TX you need to adhere to the minimum car insurance requirements for the state of Texas. While only certain coverage is required, you might want to obtain extra types of insurance coverage to be sure you are protected as fully as possible. This article will explain both the required minimum coverage and the optional coverage types for residents of Coppell, TX.

Required Coverage for Texas Residents

Liability coverage is required for all drivers in Texas. The levels of liability are as follows:

-$30,000 for accidents involving one other driver

-$60,000 for accidents involving two or more other drivers

-$25,000 in property damage in any accident where another person’s car is damaged.

Typically, you will see the above coverage referenced as 30/60/25 liability coverage by insurance providers. Due to the ever rising costs of quality medical care and the high cost of having vehicles repaired or even replaced, the above liability minimums are not always adequate to cover all damages that might happen during an accident. For this reason, you may elect to purchase insurance above the minimums stated above.

Non-Required (But Highly Advised) Insurance Coverage for Texans

The other types of auto insurance coverage are not required by law, although if you are financing your vehicle the lender may require you to carry these coverage types as well as the minimum liability insurance. These insurance types include:

-Collision Coverage: Collision insurance fulfills the same purpose as liability does, but it works for you rather than only working for others. If you are hurt in an accident and it’s your fault (thus, the other driver’s insurance won’t pay for the damages) you need collision insurance so your coverage will pay for repairs or replacement.

-Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage is there for all the damages which do not happen due to accidents. This can include theft of your car, natural disaster damage to your car, and much more.

The law requires that everyone have at least the state minimum auto insurance coverage. However, you can easily work with your The Select Insurance Agency agent to determine which types of additional coverage will provide the full protection you need for when disaster strikes!

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