Can a Will Override a Life Insurance Policy Regarding Beneficiaries in Coppell, Texas?

Working out a will in the Coppell area is an important part of your personal peace of mind. Even though you want to organize your will so that you are giving an inheritance to the Coppell, Texas family members who are foremost in your mind, you also need to use caution when you are working out the details so that you do not make any accidental mistakes.

Beneficiaries Vs. Inheritance

A beneficiary on your life insurance policy is separate from your will. When you are working out inheritance, you are not able to override the current beneficiaries on your policy. The only way to change the beneficiary on an insurance policy is by talking to the company and making a change. Your last wishes cannot override the contract you made previously with the company.

Inheritance is a separate issue. Your last wishes can designate who receives your home, personal assets and belongings. For example, if you want to leave your house to your child, then your will can specify the individual above other family members.

An insurance policy and a will are separate contracts. The individual stated on your coverage contract is the person who will receive funds from your life coverage.

Working With the Company

If you want to change the beneficiary on your coverage, then you must discuss the issue with the company. Only the company can make a change and it is usually based on legitimate or legal reasons. For example, if you are divorced, then you can use the divorce paperwork to change the beneficiary to another individual.

Protecting your loved ones from financial burdens in Coppell is not the same as organizing your inheritance. Making a change on an insurance policy will require a change to the original contract with the company. It is separate from your last wishes. To learn more about adjusting your coverage, contact us to talk to an independent agent.

Does my umbrella policy cover me if my kid falls in my neighbor’s swimming pool in Coppell, Texas?

An umbrella insurance policy provides additional liability protection above and beyond the liability coverage you already have with your home or auto insurance policy. If your kid is playing in your Coppell, Texas neighbor’s swimming pool and gets hurt, neither your home insurance policy nor your umbrella policy will pay for the medical bills that you might incur. Health insurance is a separate type of policy that you can buy to protect your child and your family if they are hurt either on or off your property.

Now, if your kid is injured while jumping in the swimming pool at your neighbor’s house, your neighbor’s home policy or umbrella policy may cover the cost of medical care if it is determined that your neighbor was at fault for the injury. Most insurance companies consider a swimming pool to be an attractive nuisance that, just by being there, presents a risk.

Homeowners throughout Coppell have liability for injuries to others or for damage to other individual’s property. While a standard home policy will usually be more than adequate to cover the cost to replace personal property that is broken or stolen, it may not be enough to cover a serious injury or death that happens in your home or on your property.

If you hold a birthday party for your kid and one of his friends falls down the staircase and breaks his neck, the medical bills could hit $500,000 or more. Your home liability insurance may only be sufficient to cover the first $100,000 of expenses. Umbrella insurance will pay the additional expenses.

There are many good reasons to have an umbrella policy. The extra coverage only kicks in after your primary policy reaches its limit. The cost of such coverage is minimal for the amount of protection it can provide. Why not give us a call and talk to an independent agent about adding this valuable coverage to your existing coverage?

What is the Difference Between Accidental Death Life Insurance and Regular Life Insurance in Coppell, Texas?

Accidental death life insurance and regular life insurance are very different forms of coverage in the DFW area. As a resident of Coppell, Texas, you want to understand the differences between the two forms of coverage to determine the best solution for your needs or the needs of your family.

Accidental Death

An accidental death policy is related specifically to the conditions that caused death. It will only provide funds if the death occurred as a result of an accident. For example, if you or a loved one died in a car accident, then the beneficiary on the account would obtain the funds. If the death was related to a health condition or the cause of death was not an accident, then the funds are not provided to the beneficiary.

Accidental death policies are best when you are very young and you have excellent health. Since the risk of dying is low, it will provide some peace of mind in case an accident occurs that causes your death or the death of a loved one.

Regular Life Coverage

Life insurance that is not related to accidental death is a regular policy. Your beneficiary is paid if an accident, health condition or other problem causes your death. Depending on whether you select a term or whole-life policy, the specific details of your coverage will vary slightly.

In the case of regular coverage, the cause of death does not impact the funds in Coppell,Texas. The downside is that the coverage will cost more than an accidental death option. You might also be limited in the amount of funds provided.

Selecting the right type of coverage will depend on your specific situation. If you are not sure about the right type of coverage for your needs, contact us today to talk to an independent agent.

What if my Appliance is not Repairable? And I Have That Covered in my Home Policy in Coppell, Texas?

When an appliance is not repairable, it is usually necessary to replace the item. Depending on the reason that the appliance is not possible to repair in the DFW area, home insurance may or may not provide a solution.

Replacing Due to Damage

When you have an appliance that was damaged in a storm, power outage or similar situation, a Coppell, Texas policy might replace the appliance or provide funds for a replacement. The replacement of a Dallas-Fort Worth home appliance will depend on the specifics of the situation, but any form of damage that is covered by the policy will result in a replacement.

Wear and Tear

When the item is damaged from normal wear and tear, most insurance companies will not replace the item. The reason is that you are responsible for management and general care of the item. If it is damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, then your coverage is not likely to provide funds or any repair costs.

Talking to the Company

The only way to determine if the item is covered in a personal plan is by talking to a representative of the current insurance provider. Ask about the coverage and explain the situation that caused the damage. In many cases, your provider should put in the claim or explain the reason that your claim is denied over the phone.

Each company has a different policy and will offer a wide range of options for coverage. The key to determining whether you are able to replace the item or not is talking to the company for more details. To learn more about household items that are covered by house coverage, contact us to talk to an Independent agent.