Will My Homeowner Insurance Policy Give Me Any Coverage for My RV in Coppell, TX?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover some of the losses for your RV in Coppell, Texas. Although you will also need specific RV insurance, your homeowner’s policy should cover some of the home accessories you have in the RV. Items such as your laptop or IPad would probably be covered by your homeowner’s policy. If the built-in refrigerator is damaged, your RV insurance would need to cover that type of claim. Speaking with an independent agent will help you understand how much and what type of insurance coverage you need.

Often people who own an RV in Texas do not completely understand their policy. There are specific items RV insurance covers and you will want to find out what your homeowners plan will cover so you are not paying for double protection. Most home items should be covered by the home plan. This usually includes the items you bring from home when you take the RV out on the road. You will want to speak with our independent agent to make sure you have enough insurance to replace the home accessories that might be lost or stolen when traveling in the RV.

It is best to compare rates and quotes for homeowners and RV insurance in Texas. An independent agent can do this for you and find a great plan that will fit both your budget and your coverage needs. If you have questions about what your plan will and will not cover, our agent can help answer these questions and give you and your family peace of mind. Before taking the RV out on the open road again, check on your insurance coverage and make sure you have protection for all types of losses.