What should I look for when purchasing umbrella insurance in Coppell, TX?

Having the right type and right amount of insurance really can make a difference in anyone’s life. You buy policies to cover your car, home and life. For many people who own a home or have other assets they want to protect, buying umbrella insurance can be the smart thing to do.

Coppell, Texas residents can reduce their liability risk against large judgments in personal injury lawsuits by buying a very affordable umbrella policy that extends the limits on a home or auto insurance policy. Typically, you can get several million dollars of coverage for only a few hundred dollars. An independent agent can help you find the most affordable policy.

Umbrella policies are sold in one million dollar increments and are stacked on top of your other coverage. For instance, if you have a million dollar umbrella policy and a hundred thousand dollar auto insurance policy, your Coppell auto policy will pay out on claims up to its maximum $100,000 limit. That may be sufficient for most accidents, but not all.

If, you are found responsible for an accident where someone is severely injured, you could wind up being held liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages above the $100,000 auto coverage. Other judgments, such as slandering the reputation of a professional or being on the wrong end of a business deal, can result in massive jury awards.

Most Coppell, Texas umbrella insurance policies come with a deductible. That should not discourage you from buying this type of valuable protection. Even if your deductible is $2,500, you are still protected against a million, or maybe more, dollars of liability.

It makes sense and will give you peace of mind to have the extra coverage of an umbrella insurance policy. For further information, contact a Coppell, Texas independent agent.