How is RV insurance different from other coverages?

RV insurance is designed to provide coverage on a variety of recreational vehicles. Policies purchase with this classification can provide protection for camper vans, motorhomes, bus conversions, and any other type of vehicle that is classified by the manufacturer as a recreational vehicle.

A common question asked by many individuals is how does this type of insurance differ from traditional auto policies. The answer to that is this type of policy offers protection that is very similar to auto policies, but there are some extra additions that provide protection for recreational vehicles.

Most policies that are classified as recreational vehicle polices provide the basic coverage that an auto policy provides. Recreational vehicle policies will vary depending upon the type of vehicle that is being insured and the company that is providing the policy, but these policies will typically include collision, liability, and comprehensive protection as part of the policy.

The difference between an auto and recreational vehicle policy lies in the additional protection that is purchased. Recreational vehicle policies can also provide protection for any and all belongings that are kept on board the vehicle, specialized equipment, and accessories that may be attached to the vehicle.

In addition to this type of protection, recreational vehicle policies can also provide total loss replacement, campsite/vacation, emergency expenses, towing and roadside assistance, uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, and full-time camper protection. These types of protection are often added on to an existing basic recreational vehicle policy.

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