Do I need my automobile and homeowner policies, in spite of having an umbrella policy in Coppell, Texas?

It’s excellent that you have an umbrella policy because it helps to protect you above your basic homeowners, renters and auto coverage against catastrophic accidents and losses that might happen if you end up being sued.

As your independent agent, it’s always something that we recommend, but this is no way replaces the need for auto or homeowners insurance in Coppell, Texas or any other state. An umbrella policy can be an add on as a separate policy, but the insurance company will require proof that you already have basic existing liability coverage in the form of homeowners or renters insurance, and auto insurance.

The Importance of Umbrella Coverage

In your basic policies you have limits on your coverage, but with the addition of an umbrella policy you have added coverage that will cover any part of a claim that is in excess of your basic liability insurance policy, and for losses that are excluded.

Why you shouldn’t wait with this decision

We live in a society where it’s not at all unusual to hear of lawsuits and judgments in the millions if a person is injured in your home, on your property, or with in a serious automobile accident. Without an existing umbrella liability policy years prior to, or when the accident happens, any amount that exceeds the limits of your existing insurance policies will be your personal responsibility.

Circumstances such as these can present major financial and emotional problems that you don’t need to deal with if you take the time to explore and purchase an umbrella policy.

With an average ULP, these advantages apply:

* Protection for claims of bodily injury or property damage claims due to hazards on your property, or as a result of actions by you, or your family members
* Coverage for personal liability incidents that happen on or off your property
* Added protection for auto-related liabilities over and above your existing auto policy

These are just some of the advantages with this coverage. Contact us so we can discuss this with you in even greater detail.