What if the repair shop finds additional damage that wasn’t covered in the first estimate of my car in Coppell, Texas?

After you get into a car accident in Dallas or the greater DFW area of Texas, you will need to call your auto insurance company to begin the claim process. You will be assigned a claims representative to handle your case and he or she will arrange to have someone come out to your Coppell home and give you an estimate of the damage.

You can then take the written estimate to a body shop in Fort Worth, Dallas or any other convenient location and have your vehicle repaired. Before any work is actually done on your car, the repair shop will look at the estimate and decide if they are able to do the necessary repair work for the amount of money approved by the insurance company.

Your insurance policy will pay for any required parts and repairs to restore your vehicle to the same condition it was in before the accident occurred up to the limit of your collision coverage. They will cut a check for the approved amount of the repair less any deductible you have on the policy.

If, while working on your car, the mechanic or body repair specialist discovers that there is some additional damage that was not part of the original estimate, they will contact the insurance carrier and either get additional funds or the insurance company will send out an appraiser to do a second estimate.

While a professional estimator is usually right on target when making an estimate, occasionally, when the fender or other parts of a car are disassembled, hidden damage is revealed. As long as the damage is related to the accident, your insurance company should pay the extra cost to properly repair your vehicle.

If you are having trouble getting your car repaired, give us a call. An independent agent can help explain the process and you will be driving around the DFW area in your fully repaired auto in no time at all.