What Is Meant by ENERGY STAR Rebate Program in Coppell, Texas?

In an effort to encourage the use of more energy-efficient buildings, equipment and appliances, the U.S. Government’s Environmental Protection Agency established the ENERGY STAR rebate program in 1992. This voluntary program identifies and promotes the labeling of products to designate them as energy efficient, to help the nation meet its goal to improve its energy security.

If you have a home in Coppell, Texas and are interested in saving money while also helping reduce pollution, you will want to look into the various rebate programs available to homeowners.

For example, if you are getting ready to purchase a new washing machine and drier, check for the ENERGY STAR sticker to see how much energy you will save by using that particular model, compared to models that are less efficient and lack ENERGY STAR labeling. Depending on funding availability, you may be eligible to receive a rebate when you purchase such an energy-efficient appliance. You will not only save money immediately from the rebate, but additional money over the years as you use the appliance.

If you are buying a new home, there are opportunities to save money and energy if the entire home is considered to be energy efficient according to ENERGY STAR standards. A third-party organization will need to verify the home’s energy efficiency before it can be awarded an ENERGY STAR label. You’ll then have the satisfaction of knowing that you are living in a building that is cutting down on pollution while also saving money on your fuel bills.

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