What’s a Circle of Dependability shop, and why should I consider taking my vehicle there for repairs in Coppell, Texas?

You may know that in the DFW area of Texas, many of the auto insurance companies employ direct repair programs to facilitate car repairs and settle property damage claims. These programs use a group of approved repair shops to handle body work and mechanical repairs, and recommend, if not insist, that policy holders take their vehicles to one of these facilities to have it repaired after an accident. Some insurance companies have their own repair program and calls each approved facility a Circle of Dependability shop. Before a body shop or repair facility is approved, they are required to be in compliance with all of the strict standards for auto repair that the insurance company has set forth in its program. Each Circle of Dependability shop has to have state-of-the-art frame and unibody repair equipment. All employees must be trained to comply with the program guidelines and each facility must only use paint and other materials that conform to EPA standards. If you have auto insurance from these companies and have an accident in Coppell, you should report that accident to your insurance company and then, decide what facility you want to use to get your car repaired. While the insurer will suggest a Circle of Dependability shop, you are not bound to use such a facility. If you have always dealt with an auto body shop near your Coppell, Texas home and are satisfied with the work they do, you can choose them and your auto insurance policy will cover your repairs. You might want to use a Circle of Dependability shop because there are rarely any disputes over the amount of money needed to make the repairs. Since there is an insurer-repair shop relationship, there is less red tape and your car can usually be repaired more quickly. Work is guaranteed and you receive a lifetime warranty on parts and labor from both the insurer and the Circle of Dependability shop. As your independent agent, we represent many different auto insurance companies that also provide excellent claims service through authorized repair shops. While an insurer with circle of dependability shop might be great for you, you can always speak to an independent agent and see what other options you have before the time comes to renew your car insurance policy.