What type of coverage should I have if I own a swimming pool in Coppell, Texas, and does the size and depth of it matter my policy?

On those hot summer days in Coppell, Texas, it is always nice to take a dip in your swimming pool. Your house can be a popular place if you have a cool pool. You can have pool parties and your kids can invite their friends over to partake in the fun.

All around Dallas, Fort Worth and Coppell, Texas there are homes with backyard pools. Many are in-ground pools and some are of the above-ground variety. If you own a swimming pool in Texas, you need to be concerned about liability issues as well as the actual maintenance and protection of the structure and equipment used around the pool.

Your standard home insurance policy will provide both liability and structural damage coverage within certain limitations. For instance, you are covered by the liability portion of your home policy if someone gets injured while swimming or playing around in your pool. You are not covered if the ground around your pool shifts and the pool develops a big, ugly crack.

While the size and depth of your pool in the DFW area does not usually affect the premium you pay on your home policy, other factors do. You may have a difficult time getting your home insurance carrier to cover your pool if you install a diving board or slide. Both of those items increase the likelihood of someone getting injured. You may have to agree to an exclusion for injuries directly related to diving board or slide accidents.

You can lower the risk of swimming pool accidents by installing a fence around your pool with a safety gate and by covering it with a tarp when it is not being used in the winter months. Having a swimming pool in the DFW area is very common and insurance companies are quite willing to provide coverage for homes with swimming pools.

We get a lot of question about how much coverage is needed if a person has a swimming pool. Give us a call and an independent agent can go over everything from safety and maintenance to the different insurance carriers who offer the most complete home policies for pool owners.