What Should Homeowners Do After Wind Damage in Texas?

Whether you live in Coppell, elsewhere within the DFW Metroplex, or anywhere else in Texas, you are certainly aware of the intensity of Texas winds. Additionally, Coppell and the entire remainder of the DFW area, and much of the rest of Texas are located in the heart of tornado alley. This means that there is a greater likelihood that those living in this area will incur some sort of weather-related wind damage. It also means that there’s a very good possibility that a standard homeowners insurance policy – even one that has additional endorsements, may not cover wind damage to your property.

With the exception of homes within the 14 counties along the Texas Gulf Coast that are most likely to incur flood or wind damage from hurricanes, most Texas homeowners insurance policies will cover windstorm and hail damage.

Things to Do to Be Prepared for Storm-Related or Other Wind Damage

A few simple tips will make the process of dealing with the aftermath of wind damage a lot easier. The things you do to prepare yourself will help you when dealing with your homeowners insurance company.

  • Keep an inventory of all of your property and personal possessions. The Texas Department of Insurance website has a checklist you can download and print, or you can create one for yourself. Go through each room and list the items in there.

  • Make sure you have all of your insurance cards and any documents related to your policy. Be sure you fully understand exactly what your policy covers. Keep all of this information in a safe place

  • Be sure you know the monetary limits of your policy, and whether or not you insured your property and possessions for actual cash value or replacement value.

When you call or go to see your independent agent to report wind damage to your property, be sure you have all of the paperwork with you. Unless you insured your property and possessions for replacement value, and unless your policy is an All Perils homeowners insurance policy, you may not have sufficient coverage to pay for wind damage to your home in the DFW area or Coppell, Texas.