Is Water Damage Covered on my Texas Home Insurance Policy?

Residents of Coppell, the DFW Metroplex and elsewhere in Texas know how unpredictable the Texas weather is. Home insurance is designed to protect your home and other personal property, but there are limitations on what is covered, and how much you’ll be reimbursed. Weather conditions result in water damage. Although Texas home insurance never covers flood damage, homeowners in Coppell, DFW or other Texas communities can and should purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Other Water Damage

Since home insurance policies don’t cover flood-related damage, it is also likely that your home insurance won’t cover other types of water damage. If you want to protect yourself against various types of water-related damage, including water damage caused by air conditioning, heating or plumbing problems, or backed up drains and/or sewers, consider adding provisions to your home insurance policy that will cover you for all types of water damage, and for clean up related to mold.

Residents of all of Texas, but in particular, Coppell and the rest of the DFW Metroplex, know that there are all sorts of weather-related situations that can cause water damage, and that damage can extend beyond the inside of the house to your garage. If you keep your watercraft in your garage rather than docking it at a marina, you may need to add to your existing home insurance coverage to ensure that your watercraft and other vehicles are protected.

Talk to an independent agent in the DFW or Coppell, Texas area to find out whether you are living in a designated flood area, and whether you’d be required to have flood insurance. If you are about to purchase a home, and your home lies with in a designated flood area, your lender will require you to prove that you have purchased flood insurance in addition to your regular home insurance before you can take possession of the home.