What Tenants should know about Texas Renters Insurance?

If one rents a home or an apartment in Coppell, Texas they should have renter’s insurance to cover all personal possessions within the dwelling. Tenants do not have to take out insurance on the dwelling they are renting, because this is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure the structure is insured.

In the event of a fire, flood, water damage, a robbery and or vandalism of the renter’s personal property those loses will not be replaced or paid for if the renter does not have insurance. If a renter thinks that they will never need renter’s insurance they are taking great chances with their possessions.

Renter’s insurance is not an expensive policy to purchase and will certainly be a valuable asset if needed in the future. Accidents do happen all the time and there is no way to look into future circumstances or try to prevent accidents from occurring, because accidents are what they are and no one can control future circumstances.

Make a list of all your possessions, the date they were purchased with the amounts they are worth, figuring in depreciation and be surprised at how much money it would take to replace everything that was lost in an unusual event. Pictures of each possession is an excellent idea. Keep this information off the property and safe. There are not too many who would have this amount of money to start life over again.

A person who takes out a rental insurance policy should play it safe and also have it stated in the policy there is animal bite protection, just in case an accident should happen. And, even if it was not your pet’s fault, people like to sue others to make try to make a fast buck.

In Texas if a renter has insurance and someone is injured on your property and they have medical bills, the rental insurance will cover this incident. In Texas this type of medical coverage is automatically included in the policy. It is doubtful that the majority of renters would not have the money to pay for that person’s medical bills that could go on for months or years.

If renting is your option, don’t delay in calling an independent agent today and getting this valuable insurance coverage.