What is Personal Injury Protection for Car Insurance?

If you’ve sustained injuries by a vehicle or due to an automobile accident, having personal injury protection is valuable. Personal injury protection is an addition to car insurance that pays for medical treatment but in some instances will also cover other damages, such as wages lost if you can’t work because of the injuries. This type of insurance coverage is paid without regard to which party is at fault, so legal liability isn’t a consideration. That’s beneficial as, when you are seeking medical treatment covered by personal injury protection, there is less red tape to go through and your insurance premiums won’t be affected.

Personal injury protection varies from state to state. It isn’t offered by insurance companies in all states, yet some states where it is available actually require it as mandatory coverage, Florida being one such state. The items and services personal injury protection covers differs in individual states, as well. Some states might recognize and pay for treatments by a chiropractor, for instance, while others may not. Coverage in each state will depend on the definition of what is “reasonable” within that state. Other variables attached to personal injury protection insurance are things like coverage limits, starting as low as $1,500 and going as high as $250,000 and being based on the injuries and the state in which the insurance was issued.