Is an adjustable rate life insurance policy right for you?

You know you need life insurance to provide financial protection to your family in case you should unexpectedly die. But you have a tight household budget today. You’re worried that you won’t be able to afford the high premiums that come with many life insurance policies.

Fortunately, you have an option: an adjustable rate life insurance policy.

This type of life insurance policy allows you to change your coverage based on the current needs of you and your family. With such a policy, you may be able to change the policy’s face amount and, at the same time, the size of your regular premium. When the face amount of the policy is lower, your payments, too, will be lower. As you increase the policy amount, your payments, too, will rise.

Adjustable rate life insurance policies give you the opportunity to tailor your life insurance coverage to meet your current financial needs. For instance, if your household budget is tight and you’re struggling to pay your children’s tuition and your mortgage bills each month, you can reduce the face value of your policy to leave you with smaller premiums.

If your financial picture improves, you can increase the value of your policy and the size of your regular payments. You can also increase the coverage amount of your policy as you age and your risks of suddenly dying increase.

Meet with your independent insurance agent to determine if an adjustable rate life insurance policy is right for you and your family.