Commercial Insurance Required in Texas

When you own a Texas business, there are specific laws about the type of commercial insurance you may require. While the state doesn’t mandate some of the types required in other states, you can get any kind of commercial insurance that you need, even if it isn’t required. If you need commercial insurance in Coppell, TX, you can give us a call at The Select Insurance Agency to find out more. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

This type of insurance is required for your business if it owns a vehicle. All Texas business-owned vehicles must include a few different kinds of coverage in their policies. The state mandates that these policies have to contain property damage liability coverage as well as bodily injury liability coverage. These protections pay for the damage done to someone else’s vehicle and the medical bills incurred by someone else after an accident. This is essential coverage to protect your business from lawsuits and substantial medical bills that it could be liable for. If you have a personal auto insurance policy on a company-owned vehicle, the policy will not likely pay after an accident. 

Workers’ Compensation Option

Unlike most states, Texas does not require its business owners to have workers’ compensation insurance for a company’s employees. But, it’s a good idea to get this insurance anyway. Suppose someone were to have an accident while on the job. Your business would likely be liable for all their medical bills and lost wages. These can be paid to your employee by the policy instead of coming straight from your business. 

Get Commercial Insurance for Your Business

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