Dispelling RV Insurance Myths

Before purchasing RV insurance in Coppell, TX, it’s important to know the facts. Misconceptions about RV insurance can cause you to make serious mistakes in your coverage. By working with an agent from The Select Insurance Agency, you can ensure you’re getting accurate coverage. We’ll help dispel RV insurance myths so you’ll have the facts to make wise RV insurance decisions. Here are some of the most common myths people believe about RV insurance.

Myth: Your RV is covered by your home or auto insurance. 

Fact: RVs require their own insurance policy. Your home insurance may offer some protection while your RV is parked on your property. It won’t, however, protect you on the road. If you plan to use your RV for road trips or vacation travels in Texas, you’ll need a separate RV policy.

Myth: Your RV insurance protection can be the same as your auto insurance. There’s no need for specialized RV coverage.

Fact: RV insurance offers additional coverage above what’s offered by auto policies. This is because RVs have distinct protection needs, both at home and on the road. An investment as costly as an RV should have as much protection as possible. As an RV owner in Coppell, TX, you can take advantage of the following specialized coverage:  

  • Full Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Full-Time RVer Coverage
  • Emergency Expense Coverage
  • Personal Effects Coverage

Myth: Minimum liability insurance is enough to protect you against RV accidents.

Fact: Although Texas requires that RV drivers carry minimum liability coverage, minimum coverage won’t protect you against serious accidents. As RV’s have the potential to cause extensive damage to others in an accident, we recommend you purchase more than just the minimum coverage.

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