How to Identify Home Foundation Problems

If you own a home in the Coppell, TX area, you want to keep an eye on small foundation concerns that could lead to big headaches.  There are early warning signs that indicate foundation problems and the sooner you catch them, the easier and less expensive they can be to correct.  Houses will settle over time and create some unevenness, but this is not a cause for panic.  Watch for the warning signs and take these steps to check on your foundation periodically.

4 Indoor Warning Signs

  • Any door in the home that begins to jam or fail to latch
  • New cracks develop in walls, particularly where the wall meets the ceiling or the space above windows or doors
  • Concrete floors covered by vinyl or ceramic tile begin to crack open
  • Easy to open and close windows starts to stick or won’t completely close

Easy Regular Foundation Checks

Check the outside of the home to see if the foundation is straight by looking at the length of the foundation wall from each corner.  If there is a curve or bulge in the foundation, it could mean the foundation has shifted.  If the home has a concrete perimeter foundation and you see flaking or chipping, check it by poking it with a sturdy screwdriver.  It should be hard enough that you can’t damage it.  If you can, the concrete could be deteriorating.  Check for puddles or rotting wood in the basement or crawl space.

The Select Insurance Agency

At the Select Insurance Agency in the Coppell, TX area, we care about helping you protect your home investment.  A homeowner’s policy may not help to cover foundation issues, but we can help you sort through policy options that can provide coverage for all kinds of situations.