Top Tips on House-Sitting

A very serious undertaking that can be as enjoyable as it is stressful, house sitting is an act that can help traveling homeowners and renters immensely. Are you planning on house-sitting in the near future and are confused in terms of how to proceed? The following is an overview of tips to help you house sit like you own the place!

Have A Gathering

Granted, not all homeowners are this cool, however, if the person you are house-sitting for will allow it, having a small to moderately sized get together is a great way to keep potential thieves and other troublemakers at bay. Just be sure to only invite your most respectable friends and associates, of course. 

Plan Your Meals

While many people will allow you to have your pick of their delectable treats, for others this is completely off-limits. Ask the person whom you’ll be house sitting for if they are providing any meals. If not, be sure to prepare and bring your own, as well as some extra cash for delivery, as necessary.

Don’t Forget the Soap

While using your friend or associate’s toiletry items may not be a big deal for them, it could totally inconvenience you if you leave these matters up to the host.  For instance, if you have sensitive skin or some other specific ailment which the house your sitting cannot accommodate, you may end up with a rash and/or dry skin in just a few days’ time. Likewise, if you prefer 2-ply, you might want to bring your own tissue as well.

Overall, a fairly easy task as long as you observe the rules, house sitting can give you a break from your everyday life while allowing your friend to travel with peace of mind. For further safety and support while you’re away from home, contact The Select Insurance Agency today.