Coppell, TX Residents Can Avoid Fender Bender Fraud

There are scammers everywhere. They’re opportunists who find a vulnerable moment and figure out how they can proper from it. It happens frequently during automobile accidents. But, you don’t have to let yourself be victim to fraud. 

1. Report to the Insurance Company

Your insurance company requires you to report every accident to them. This isn’t so they can raise your rates every time your car receives a minor scratch. Part of the reason they want you to file a report is so they can protect you in case of insurance fraud. They want to be able to represent you and protect both you and them from having to pay, especially for fraudulent claims. 

2. Take Pictures

Don’t feel embarrassed or bad to whip out your camera phone and start clicking pics of everything that pertains to the accident. The other party wouldn’t feel bad if the tables were turned. You need to focus on you and protecting what’s yours. Get images of both vehicles that were in the accident. You’ll want to get pictures from all angles, so new damage doesn’t magically appear. It doesn’t hurt to get pictures of the other person’s driver’s license, insurance information and license plate. This makes it impossible for him or her to run away from the accident if it was their fault. It makes it easy to file an insurance report against them as well. 

3. Avoid Traps

Some people don’t just look for a prime opportunity; they make it happen. For instance, they might stop quickly in front of you, so you’ll rear end them. Don’t fall for. Always drive the speed limit and remain far back from the car in front of you to give enough space for you to stop abruptly if you have to. 

The right insurance company can help protect you from fraud during a fender bender. That’s why you should contact The Select Insurance Agency today!