8 Smart RV Essentials for Happy Trails

Ready to take your RV out for an adventure? Make sure you are prepared for the unexpected by bringing with you these essential tools and supplies. 

Tools and Repairs

  • Water Pressure Regulator: Not every RV campsite has normalized water pressure, sometimes the pressure is very high. Unchecked, this can damage your RV’s water system and create leaks or water hose explosions that may result in significant water damage and leave you with an exorbitant water bill. 
  • Extra hoses and electric cord: Some campsites are not ideally situated for faucet and power access. Bring along two 25’ 30-amp electric cords, three 25’ drinking water hoses and you should be ready for any set-up. 
  • Repair Kit: Depending on your level of fix-it knowledge, you’ll want to keep on hand the tools and materials essential to repairing small issues that arise in your RV. This can include WD-40, JB Weld, duct tape, safety wire, roof repair tape and roof sealer, volt-ohm meter, spare fuses, soldering gun, electrical connectors, and similar supplies.


  • 12-Volt Battery Charger: Things happen. If you kill your chassis battery, this will be a lifesaver. You can also acquire jump starter chargers that include USB charging ports for keeping your electronics alive.
  • Battery-Free Flashlight: Whether you shake it, crank it, or squeeze it to get it going, have at least one portable light source that doesn’t require batteries to operate.


  • GPS: Don’t rely on your phone’s included navigator, it will be sketchy once you get outside of data coverage range (which RV’ers frequently do).
  • Weather Radio: Always tuned to the right station, with regular weather alerts to keep you safe. RVs are not well equipped for handling nasty weather, so it’s best to avoid it entirely when possible.
  • RV Insurance Paperwork:  Make sure you have the coverage you need to protect the investment you’ve made in your RV. Keep insurance paperwork accessible so you can contact your agent quickly in an emergency. Before you leave, contact The Select Insurance Agency to discuss your coverage details to make sure you have the best possible insurance to meet your needs.