Choosing a Car for your Coppell Teen Driver

Choosing the right car for your Coppell teen driver may not be easy. There are many things to take into account, such as safety and cost.

The top priority when buying a car for your teen is passenger safety. Since teens are already new to driving, and not completely secure on the road, getting the safest vehicle is a must. The car should be equipped with all important safety features including airbags and blind spot monitoring systems. Since small, compact cars can be less safe in an accident and large SUVs with many passengers can be distracting, midsized sedans may be a good choice for new drivers.

For a credible source on automotive reliability, check out JD Power’s awards. Once you have narrowed down your list, look at forums dedicated to specific cars. You can communicate with other drivers about their experience with that car’s reliability.

New or Used
Once you have decided that you want to purchase a car the question becomes “New or used?” One pro to buying a used car is the more reasonable price range. However, this might be partially offset by repair costs. If you buy a used car make sure all of the safety features are still intact and remember to run a Vehicle History Report on any used car.

Use it as a Teaching Tool
Use this opportunity to inform your teen about the dangers of driving and the responsibilities of owning a car. Check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Teen Drivers Guide for more tips on all the things to be aware of as a teen driver. Also, the financial aspect of owning a car can be used as a teaching tool for your teens as with a cost-splitting system, they will have to manage their own budget to pay for associated costs like gas and repairs.