Do I need special coverage if I install new stereo or audio equipment in my car?

Most auto insurance policies provide coverage for personal property inside the vehicle. However, to have this coverage you need a Comprehensive policy. A Collision only policy does not protect your belongings. In addition, aftermarket equipment may not be protected by your auto insurance in Dallas, Texas.

Comprehensive Insurance

Your comprehensive policy should cover factory-installed components. If you add a new stereo or complete audio package, it may not be covered. Aftermarket portable or plug-in equipment is also not normally cover as it is easy for a thief to steal. These items should be removed from your vehicle, or placed in the trunk, when you park your car. This equipment may be covered under the personal property portion of a homeowner or renter’s policy, if you have one.

If you are having a high-dollar system installed in your vehicle, you should consider having extra insurance or a rider added to your current policy. You will most likely be required to provide documentation of the equipment value to your company. It is also important to consider the deductible on your insurance. If you have a deductible of $500 or more, your $450 stereo would not be covered. However, keep in mind that if damage is done to your vehicle because of the theft, the total can add up to more than your deductible.

Companies that issue auto insurance policies can differ in the exact protection that you are provided. This makes it extremely important to look over your policy carefully and take the time to understand the fine points. As your independent agent, we will go over your current insurance with you. You can also compare quotes to make sure you have all of the protection you need at the lowest cost.