I Had a Home Burglary in Coppell, Texas, Can I Claim This as a Loss?

There’s nothing quite like the sense of invasion you feel after a home burglary. Nothing can actually help you to get back the sense of security you’ve lost, at least not yet. However, you can file a claim for what property you’ve lost.

File a Police Report

First, you will need to call the police. When you file a police report is a critical step in filing a claim from your insurance provider. The police will document what occurred and, if all goes well, find the thief.

Filing Your Claim

The insurance adjuster is likely to want to come to your home to inspect the loss. You’ll need to provide anything you can to prove what you’ve lost, such as receipts, photographs showing your belongings or anything that can show the value of the items you’ve lost. If you have a home inventory, you are one step closer to having an easy claim process. You’ll need to provide:

  • A list of what is missing
  • Any proof you have of the missing items, including value
  • A list of damage to your home (your insurance company will pay for those losses too)

Then, the insurance adjuster will work on determining how much you are owed. This will depend on the amount of loss and the type of policy you have.

Are You Protected?

Though most people want to believe that living in a town like Coppell, Texas means you are relatively safe, there are always risks. If you are unsure if your current insurance policy will cover this type of loss, it is time to find a new policy. As an independent agent, we will work with you to find a policy that protects you from this type of devastating loss.