Facts about Renter’s Insurance in Texas and How to Choose the Right Policy

Do you have renter’s insurance? If not, you could be facing a big risk. What most people don’t know is that the landlord or property owner of the building you are living is has protected his or her investment in that space, but not your own. That means if you lose your belongings in a fire without a renter’s insurance policy, you are out of luck. If your guest trips over your carpeting, they could sue you. You need this type of policy and we can help.

How to Choose the Right Policy

In Coppell, Texas and the surrounding area, you’ll need to put a bit of time into finding the right policy. As an independent agent, we will work with you to find the most affordable policy for your needs. Here are some things you need to keep in mind when choosing a policy.

  • Be sure the policy specifically states any high-valued items by name and value including jewelry, electronics or collectibles.
  • Talk to your agent about the amount of liability protection you need based on your situation.
  • Know what the policy deductible is so you know how much out of pocket cost there is prior to the insurance policy covering your losses.
  • Be sure you know about any exclusions listed in the policy as well, such as specific types of accidents or incidents (such as floods) that may not be covered.

To help you to find the right policy for your home, we will work as your independent agent. That means you can use our comparative tool to track down the best insurance providers available in the area. There’s no risk and you end up with the right policy for your needs. Don’t overlook the value of working with us.